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First Amendment scores major victory in Seattle

William J. Watkins, Jr.
Author, "Reclaiming the American Revolution"

After suffering through the near-endless barrage of half-truths and distortions that marked this year’s political advertising, many Americans are in no mood to cheer the First Amendment.

Gingrich is right about judicial supremacy

4:04 PM 01/17/2012

The press has belittled Newt Gingrich for criticizing the judicial supremacy of the Supreme Court. Commentators have labeled him “fascist” and accused him of embracing a “sinister radicalism.” Gingrich’s ideas, we are told, offend basic constitutional principles, like the separation of powers.

Government by Commerce Clause

3:53 PM 11/30/2010

Are there any limits to the federal government’s power to regulate commerce? U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson has promised a decision on this issue before the end of this year. Judge Hudson is presiding over the Commonwealth of Virginia’s challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare), which forces Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine.

Electing the supremes

12:34 PM 07/01/2010

Republicans and Democrats are battling over Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court - and for good reason.  The stakes are high.   Our political leadership realizes that the court has become the most powerful policy-making body in the nation.