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      Yates Walker

      Yates Walker is a conservative activist and writer. He began his work in politics with Americans for Limited Government in 2009. As an activist, Yates helped organize Tea Parties in four congressional districts to oppose Obamacare, and he ultimately helped unseat three Democrat congressmen in 2010. He has worked in various capacities in campaigns in eight states in his effort to advance conservative causes and candidates. Yates served honorably as a paratrooper and a medic in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He is also a contributing writer to BigPeace.com and TheMinorityReportBlog.com. He can be reached at [email protected]

Let’s bury Mitch McConnell and put some fear into every Republican in Congress

10:12 AM 02/19/2014

There’s a good chance you’re somewhere between dismayed and disgusted by the guileless, spineless cravens at the helm of our Grand Old Party. And for good reason. They’ve aided and abetted America’s bankruptcy. They’ve spent the tax revenue yet to be collected from your grandchildren. They complained publicly about the Affordable Care Act, but, procedurally, they’ve helped implement Obamacare. Most recently, our Republican leadership abandoned their duty to mind the federal purse strings. Now, President Obama can raise the debt ceiling at will. But as reckless, deficient and madcap as Republican leadership has been up to this point, all of their misdeeds are ultimately correctable. What comes next is not.

Boehner, Ryan and the art of selling out for nothin’

3:08 PM 12/17/2013

When future historians write of America’s economic collapse and the crumbling of western civilization, the budget that just passed the House – if it is noticed at all – will be noted for marking the fourth straight decade in which Republicans agreed to increase present spending on the promise of future cuts. As we view phrenologists and witchdoctors, the future will view 21st century Republicans. Paul Ryan and John Boehner will likely be forgotten entirely. Though the names of heroes and villains often survive the centuries, charlatans, dupes and shriveled, orange, whimpering leprechauns are never remembered.

The tea party’s only move: Stop John Boehner

10:01 AM 07/08/2013

When Chuck Schumer entered public service, David was still the king of Israel. And Pontius Pilate once discussed the pros and cons of public crucifixion with John McCain. These men have records. The American national debt has more than septupled on their collective watch. When either McCain or Schumer insists that a matter is urgent, you should put your hand on your wallet. When they get together and announce that they have a comprehensive solution, grab a rifle.

How to kill Obamacare without even trying

3:40 PM 05/08/2013

Ezekiel Emanuel, a noted oncologist, has helped advise the Obama administration in its effort to create an economic system larger than France’s economy to distribute health care services to over 300 million people. Together, those facts encapsulate the essence of our federal government: hopelessly overextended, devoid of caution and chock full of hubris. If that isn’t succinct enough to signal the coming disaster that will be Obamacare, then Emanuel’s recent column in the Wall Street Journal should tip the balance.

Obama couldn’t sell a candy bar to a fat kid

11:03 AM 04/22/2013

American boot prints in moon dust. That’s the legacy of John F. Kennedy. Putting an American on the moon wasn’t preordained. It was a wild notion presented to the American people. That’s how effective presidents operate. They traffic in ideas. They build coalitions behind them. They insist on change and galvanize majorities to achieve it. They dare. They challenge. They persuade and inspire. To successfully lead from the White House, a president must sell his ideas, both to the American people and to their elected representatives.

Obama the Shameless

2:49 PM 04/08/2013

If the news media hadn’t told you how brilliant Barack Obama was every day for the last six years, you might have your doubts.

Curtis Bostic fights for us all

12:08 PM 03/25/2013

I spoke with Curtis Bostic last night. The decorated Marine Corps veteran and current South Carolina congressional candidate wouldn’t take a shot at the opposition. He wouldn’t. I ribbed him. I cajoled him. I grilled and goaded him to give me a devastating one-liner concerning his primary opponent and South Carolina’s adulterous ex-governor Mark Sanford. I even suggested a few. Bostic wouldn’t budge.

Obama doesn’t have a mandate

12:12 PM 03/06/2013

When Senator Harry Reid speaks, if you listen very carefully and sit very still, you can usually hear a faint whisper in the wind, echoing “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!” It’s not a human cry. It’s elemental. The vibrating air that carries Reid’s voice is protesting its waste and abuse.

In defense of Christine O’Donnell

10:11 AM 02/15/2013

Americans love to watch public figures eviscerated publicly. Progressives love to bash conservatives. And the media will go out of their way to cripple conservative candidates (even if it means missing wildly and making an ass out of themselves, i.e., Wolf Blitzer and Marco Rubio’s water bottle). But progressives, the media and the American public will eventually cease their assault, if for no other reason than the story gets old and the appetite for schadenfreude eventually wanes.

Republicans need to get over their seniority fetish

11:04 AM 01/30/2013

If John Boehner started preaching the virtues of socialism tomorrow morning, the entire planet would turn capitalist by noon. Boehner is a walking, talking charisma vortex. When he’s not speaking or crying, he has the look of a man about to apologize. And Mitch McConnell sounds like Foghorn Leghorn. They may be decent men, but Boehner and McConnell are the leaders of and chief communicators for the Republican Party. Why?

Mr. Alinsky goes to Washington (and he’s after your guns)

2:42 PM 01/14/2013

Any elected Republican discussing compromise over high-capacity magazines needs to quit pussyfooting around and just get a frontal lobotomy. You can’t compromise by giving something away. If I own 10 acres of land, and you want five, we can’t compromise at two. They’re my damn acres of land.

Has America been fundamentally transformed?

3:02 PM 11/05/2012

In late autumn 2008, five days before he beat John McCain by nine million votes, Barack Obama stood before thousands of enthralled supporters and promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” An eruption of raucous applause and irrepressible, ecstatic cries forced Obama to pause mid-speech. The candidate smiled, took a step back from his podium, and waited patiently for the news media to regain their composure. Simultaneously, in living rooms across the country, conservatives felt their blood run cold.

Barack Obama, the weak horse

12:25 PM 10/25/2012

“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse,” Osama bin Laden once said. Shortly thereafter, if campaign literature can be believed, bin Laden was found, seized, then torn apart, limb from limb by the bare hands of Barack Obama --- with no help from anyone else. Period. But despite the president’s heroics, he may be falling victim to the late terrorist’s proverb.

Barack Obama and the biggest lie in American history

11:49 PM 10/08/2012

The Obama campaign, still unsettled and reeling after walking into a very polite buzz saw named Mitt Romney last week, has finally coalesced around a new slogan: “Liar!” says Axelrod, says Plouffe, says Cutter, says Dean, says Barack Obama himself. Like a Greek chorus, the collective cries foul on the debate, asserting that Romney’s mendacity so disturbed our president’s sensibilities that he was rendered ineffective and passionless and weak and dull for 90 minutes --- or something to that effect.

Jon Stewart’s elitism and Mitt Romney’s ‘magic’

9:31 AM 09/26/2012

Six and a half minutes into “The Daily Show” last night, Jon Stewart played a clip of Mitt Romney forecasting what would happen on his first day in office if elected president. Romney predicted, “Without actually doing anything, we’ll actually get a boost in the economy.” Stewart derided the claim as “magic,” then further excoriated Romney for not having a plan for the economy. What Stewart actually revealed was a complete misunderstanding of Romney’s point.