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The Consumer Costs Of Net Neutrality

Zack Christenson
Research Fellow, American Consumer Institute
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Thomas Wheeler listens to public comments during a town hall meeting in Oakland, California January 9, 2014  REUTERS/Stephen Lam (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS TELECOMS HEADSHOT) - RTX178FP

In a rare moment of transparency and true representative governance, FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler spent a day in front of elected officials. At a recent hearing before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Wheeler was subject to a fair amount of criticism, most of which revolved around his recently proposed new rules to enforce Net Neutrality.

We need new laws to protect student privacy

11:16 AM 04/24/2014

As technology improves, more and more of our data are being collected for a variety of reasons — both good and bad. This data could be collected for reporting and analysis to make products better, for basic services like email or cloud storage, or for sales and marketing purposes.

Ticketmaster’s paperless ticketing is a loss for consumers

5:06 PM 03/21/2014

Paperless ticketing is a relatively new concept in the live events space, one that’s been increasingly implemented more and more over the years — from theaters to sporting events to concerts. In some cases, this appears to add a level of convenience to consumer lives — the need to remember your tickets or the worry of losing them is eliminated. While this may seem fine, there are many pitfalls to this new system that can sometimes leave the consumer worse off than being able to hold a traditional ticket.

Is the U.S. really lagging behind in broadband speeds? Probably not

10:55 AM 02/28/2014

It’s a largely held thought that broadband around the world is much better, faster and cheaper than it is in the United States. You see reports in the media about how the U.S. can’t keep up in broadband services, or that the U.S. ranks low on broadband speed tests. These reports are usually used as an indictment against broadband providers, and used to lobby for more government regulation of the Internet or even for government-run broadband programs.

The Obamacare website catastrophe could make or break his presidency

12:06 PM 10/23/2013

The Obama Administration’s legacy will be built on a single policy initiative. And over the past two weeks, we’ve seen the digital side of it stubbornly and painfully take its first breaths. Since it launched on October 1st, the digital rollout of Obamacare has been nothing short of disastrous.

The American Dream depends on patent reform

12:03 PM 10/09/2013

Thousands of people every year travel to America in an attempt to live the American Dream. At the core of the American Dream, at least for many entrepreneurs, is the United States patent system. Patents are what help our economy run, and they produce benefits for the consumer as well.

Extend the internet tax moratorium indefinitely

11:54 AM 09/13/2013

Consumers today are experiencing a virtually tax-free Internet environment — that is, their access to the Internet and data isn’t being taxed. Thanks to the 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act, a moratorium on new taxes on Internet taxes has been in place at both the federal and state level.

The high price of wireless taxation

6:25 PM 06/26/2013

A few weeks ago, the Wireless Tax Fairness Act was re-introduced into the House, a bipartisan bill that hopes to end, at least temporarily, the high levels of taxation and fees levied on consumer wireless bills. Today, Senators Wyden (D-OR) and Toomey (R-PA) re-introduced the bill into the Senate.

Discriminatory wireless taxation

3:59 PM 06/11/2013

The House today re-introduced the Wireless Tax Fairness Act, a bill that promises to end the skyrocketing rate of taxation on wireless phone bills at the state and local level.

ESPN considers picking up the tab

1:32 PM 05/14/2013

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported ESPN is in talks with at least one wireless carrier about the possibility of subsidizing bandwidth fees of users viewing sporting events and videos via their mobile phone.

Online taxation to crush competition

1:54 PM 04/24/2013

On Monday, the Senate voted to take up the Marketplace Fairness Act, the bill that would force Internet retailers to begin collecting sales tax on purchases made online. Currently, Internet retailers have no obligation to collect sales tax, as the process would be a burdensome and arduous task, on both the businesses and consumers. The Senate could take a full vote later this week.

Europe falling behind in broadband

2:09 PM 03/08/2013
The European telecom companies are having a very rough go of it, with the harsh regulatory climate making them much less valuable.

FTC gives Google a free pass

12:11 PM 01/04/2013

The Federal Trade Commission dropped their investigation of Google over its business practices on Thursday.

This Season, give consumers the gift of spectrum

11:04 AM 12/22/2012

The shortage of spectrum in the wireless market is no secret. It’s been written about ad nauseam, including by me and many others at the American Consumer Institute.

Hear Me Now: Competitive Auctions Needed

2:32 PM 10/01/2012

This past Friday, in a 5-0 vote, the FCC gave approval to begin the process of conducting incentivized spectrum auctions. This has been in the works for months, triggered by the Jobs Act that was passed earlier this year that allowed the FCC to start exploring the option to conduct the auctions.

Google supports net neutrality, but not for itself

4:47 PM 08/16/2012

Last month, Google made a big announcement of a new service that they’ll be offering. Known as Google Fiber, it is a consumer broadband service that promises Internet speeds of up to 100 times faster than current consumer Internet speeds. The new service will also offer cable service, giving subscribers a full cable line-up in addition to their Internet service.