No, the Democratic National Convention didn't lose a single laptop worth $75,000

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ABC News report ‘totally and completely inaccurate’

Medal of Honor Citation: Daniel Inouye - TheDC

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You know him as a senator. He was a warrior first.

The Redneck Guide To Emergency Preparedness - TheDC

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The aftermath of a natural disaster kind of reminds me of what happens when you put a hungry baby in a strip bar: everyone ends up confused, no one gets what they wanted and there is a lot of crying.

2012: A Tumultuous Year To Come - LtCol Oliver North, USMC, Ret.

Guns and Gear | Mike Piccione

Note to all running for office in 2012: The word “entitlement” does not appear in the Constitution. The words “provide for the common defence” do. Happy new year.

AP poll: 52% say Obama should not be re-elected - AP

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Economic discontent has spilled over into the political sphere

Ron Paul has been more popular on Twitter - AP

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Texas Rep. Ron Paul has been more popular on Twitter

On 'Day 1041,' Obama approval rating falls below Carter's - TheDC

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Obama’s approval has sunk even below Jimmy Carter’s

TV ads to run in Iowa encouraging Palin to reconsider - TheDC

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If group is successful, she would certainly face hurdles

TheDC Morning: Dems rely on voter fraud, says Dem - TheDC

| Jim Treacher

TheDC Morning: Dems rely on voter fraud, says Dem

Perry video attacks Romney on flip-flops: 'Mitt-Leading' - TheDC

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On immigration, health care: ‘You cannot lead a nation by misleading the people’

Michael Steele predicts Romney-Cain ticket - TheDC

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Former RNC chair sees ‘the merging of Wall Street and Main Street coming together to go up against Obama and Biden’

Poll: Cain most likeable, Romney most electable - TheDC

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An aura of inevitability appears to have settled around Romney

Intrade: Cain's popularity not translating into likely nomination - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Futures-trading site indicates Cain still is not taken seriously as a potential GOP nominee

Report: Bachmann meets with Trump for a third time - TheDC

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‘Meeting expected to discuss policies ‘as well as his possible endorsement’

Perry, Romney court religious conservatives - AP

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Republican presidential rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are courting religious conservatives Saturday

TheDC Morning: Sarah Palin isn't going to do what most people already figured she wasn't going to do - TheDC

| Jim Treacher

TheDC Morning: Sarah Palin isn’t going to do what most people already figured she wasn’t going to do

Perry's $17M fundraising report exceeds expectations - TheDC

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The money came from more than 22,000 different contributors from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam

TheDC Morning: 'Occupy Wall Street' says it is a response to the tea party - TheDC

| Kells Hetherington

Tea Party Patriots National Chairman: ‘These are law breaking people’

Pataki: Gov. Christie should run - TheDC

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Nancy Reagan, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former President George W. Bush are all urging Christie to run

Romney campaign predicts Rick Perry will outraise them this quarter - TheDC

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It’s typical for candidates to lower expectations for their fundraising, while building up the expectations for their rivals prior to filing