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Romney Didn't Vote For Hillary Or Trump In 2016 -- He Voted For His Wife

Politics | Julia Nista
'I wrote in the name of a person who I admire deeply'

Book Reveals How Trump's Election Shocked Obama

Politics | David Krayden
'Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early'

FACT CHECK: Trump Says Rasmussen Was One Of The Most Accurate Pollsters On Election Day

Politics | Emily Larsen
And that CNN and The Washington Post were the worst

Hillary Clinton Is 'Annoying Everyone,' Democrats Say

US | David Krayden
‘She’s annoying me. She’s annoying everyone, as far as I can tell.’

Today Is National Get Over It Day. Let's Honor Its Patron Saint Hillary Clinton

US | Jena Greene
She's earned this

REPORT: Bank Notified Feds Shortly After Trump's Lawyer Gave Porn Star Payout

Politics | Chris White
'Fake News'

McCaskill Wants To Know Why NSA Brass Hasn't Declared War On Russia Already

Defense | Chris White

RT Editor Reassures Americans That 'We Have Changed'

World | Chris White
'We are not Communists anymore'

Dems Prepare To Scale Back Superdelegates' Influence On Future Elections

Politics | Chris White
Would not have caused much of a dent to Clinton's support

'Lock Her Up' Is Trending On Twitter In Spite Of Flynn News

| Henry Rodgers
What about Clinton?

Trump: Hillary Is The 'Worst And Biggest Loser Of All Time'

Politics | Ryan Pickrell
'Get on with your life'

Trump Says He Believes Putin When He Denies Meddling In The 2016 Presidential Election

World | Ryan Pickrell
Desires Russian help on North Korea

Elizabeth Warren Believes The DNC Primary Was Rigged For Hillary

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'A real problem'

Gov Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Requiring POTUS Candidates To Disclose Tax Returns

Politics | Chris White
'Slippery Slope'

Hillary Is Still Questioning The Legitimacy Of The Election

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'I wouldn't rule it out'

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