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Don’t Let Recoil Ruin Your Shooting Fun


Tired of hearing you are a wimp for carrying a .380 or hunting with a .243, read on

Gun Test: Stag 3T M

Stag Arms

Nice custom touches and reasonable price on this Stag

8 Things You Might Not Know About The Ruger Mini-14


Is it really a small M-14? .223, 7.62×39 and what other cartridge?

Home Defense: Stag Arm Protector – AR Rifle


The 5.56mm Model 3 is built to be your home defender

Gun Test: AR-15 Les Baer Police Special Carbine


Add this gun to your wish list, it’s that good

Here's what caliber of ammo was most popular in 2013


Lucky Gunner reveals its internal numbers

End of an era: Last U.S. lead smelter to close in December - NRA - ILA


This is important – US will no longer make ammunition from American ore

3 AR-style rifles ready for 3-gun - Gun Digest


Insanely accurate ARs for competition, target, two and four legged varmints

Gun Test: Nosler Varmageddon rifle package - American Rifleman

Nosler Varmegeddon

Nosler joins a Novaseke rifle, Leupold scope, Magpul stock and it even comes with two boxes of ammo

Light recoil: If you need to rethink hard-kicking guns - GUNS Magazine

Light Recoil

Recoil isn’t a big deal, until it is.

Where has all the ammo gone? - American Rifleman


You can buy all the .257 Roberts you want