Company That Did Background Check On Snowden Got Hacked

US | Chuck Ross

Also failed to vet Navy Yard shooter

Liberal Website Blames Elliot Rodger Shooting On 'White Privilege'

US | Chuck Ross

Killer Was Half-White, Half-Asian

End gun-free zones on military bases

Opinion | William Perry Pendley

There’s no reason why NCOs and officers should be prevented from carrying openly.

Training police to prevent Navy Yard-type killings

Opinion | David Gibberman
Aaron Alexis Navy Yard FBI

Law enforcement needs to know how to recognize — and seek help for — the mentally incapacitated.

Veteran advocate frustrated over media coverage of Navy Yard gunman, PTSD

US | Caroline May

‘Almost right away, they were talking about his military service as if it was some sort of excuse’

Liberally yours: Americans have a right to safety with more gun control

Guns and Gear | Thom Hartmann
A display of shotguns during the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in 2012. Whitney Curtis/Getty Images.

Australia’s experiment, secular ownership and murder trends, and who really helps bring down gun violence

COULTER: Crazier than liberals

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

The number of mass shootings rose when we started letting the mentally ill out of institutions.

Navy Yard shooter wouldn't have passed background check, recalled Colorado Dem claims

Politics | Greg Campbell

Failed pol weighs in on recent shooting spree

Trigger-happy media outlets embarrassed by fake AR-15 story

US | Chuck Ross

No evidence AR-15 was used

Shooter's friend: Aaron Alexis was 'a liberal type'

US | Patrick Howley

Shooter’s friend says D.C. gunman was happy with Obama adminsitration