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Here Are The Inconvenient Truths About Americans' Views On Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Uncertain that proposed solutions will work'

Getting It Done The Right Way -- 14K Legal Immigrants Will Become Americans On Independence Day

US | Jessica Kramer
'It’s a beautiful and emotional thing'

Brian Ross Waves Goodbye To ABC Months After False Michael Flynn Report

Media | Dominic Mancini
Formerly suspended for a month ...

FLASHBACK: Los Federales Took This American Woman's Kids Away For Letting Them Walk Home Alone

US | Grace Carr
'Free-range parenting'

23-Year-Old Allegedly Swindled Walmart Out Of $1.3 Million In Fake Returns Before Getting Caught

US | Nick Givas
Charged with six felonies

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Another Bad Day For Journalism

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Rumors aren't facts, no matter how badly they want them to be

Mother Arrested For Stabbing 11-Year-Old Daughter And Lighting Her House On Fire

US | Nick Givas
'It's moving very fast and we have a traumatized witness'

In-Home Spiritual Healer Charged With Inducing Miscarriage After Standing On Woman's Stomach And Back

US | Grace Carr
'Performed spiritual rituals'

Transgender Parent Loves When Her Kids Call Her 'Daddy Mom,' Now Her Son Is Following In Her Footsteps

| Grace Carr
'Absolutely adorable'

Here Are Questions ABC News Should Have Asked The EPA Leaker

Energy | Michael Bastasch
ABC News didn't ask the hard questions

ABC Political Director Mocks DNC For 'Sour Grapes' Lawsuit

Media | Amber Athey

Inside Look Into ABC Reporter's Torrid Affair With Fidel Castro

Media | Nick Givas
'We did get to bed, and he made love to me quite expertly'

Comey Cuts GOP Loose And Claims Republican Party Has 'Lost Their Way'

Politics | Nick Givas
'It doesn’t reflect values at all'

NFL Team Will Have Male Cheerleaders For The First Time Ever

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Why not me'

ABC News See Division And Racism In State Of The Union Speech

Politics | Derek Hunter
Trump saying Americans stand for the national anthem is racist.

Christie Lands On His Feet After Disastrous Final Term

Politics | Jack Crowe
A contributor position with ABC News

ABC Journo Who Botched Russia Report Still Isn't Back At Work

Media | Amber Randall
'Vital we get the story right'

Trump Campaign Asking Supporters To Vote For 'Fakest News' Of 2017

Media | Amber Randall
'Faker news'

Elizabeth Vargas Announces She Will Leave ABC News After Two Decades

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'To pursue new adventures'

Congresswoman Warns That Roy Moore Will Take ‘Us Back To The Days Of Segregation’

Politics | David Krayden
‘Roy Moore will only take us backwards and harken us back to the days of segregation.’

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