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Pro-lifers rally in front of ABC News to condemn abortion 'censorship'

‘It’s time to report the truth about abortion’

ABC News also spoke to woman who told Daily Caller she had sex with Bob Menendez for money


Network never published interview, now says despite inconsistencies that she’s the same woman who recanted Monday

Veteran ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson arrested for DUI

Glamour Magazine Salutes The 2004 "Women Of The Year"

The former anchor and ‘This Week’ panelist was arrested Dec. 1 after he failed a sobriety test in Delaware

ABC News producer inundated with porn spam after tweeting interview requests to relatives of shooting victims - TheDC

Connecticut School Shooting.JPEG

ABC News VP: ‘We’ve had to change all of her accounts’

Vulture-tweeting ABC producer disappears from social media after Conn. massacre

Sandy Hook Media Reporters Overload

Network interview booker who stalked sources online still on ABC payroll, but not on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

ABC, NY Times reporters tweet friends, family of Connecticut massacre targets - TheDC

Shubailat tweet feature

An editorial producer earned the online equivalent of a hard slap to the face Friday

Debate commission won't say when it learned about moderator's ties to Obama

ABC News Raddatz

Raddatz’s husband works for Romney-targeted NPR

The Line ABC Won't Cross"> The Line ABC Won't Cross - TheDC Opinion


‘If Raddatz were a judge, she’d likely have to recuse herself’

Genachowski attended Obama's wedding without wife Raddatz, says ABC - TheDC

Obama wedding

Was Raddatz invited to Obama’s wedding? Her husband went

BPI sues ABC News for 'pink slime' defamation - AP

Pink Slime

Diane Sawyer, microbiologist who coined the term ‘pink slime’ named as defendants

ABC takes Day 2 of DNC, CNN down 23 percent from 2008 - TheDC

MSNBC wins cable contest, while Fox News sees gains from first night

Cause of Tony Scott's death apparent suicide still being determined - Daily Beast

Tony Scott

Contrary to an ABC News report, the ‘Top Gun’ director did not have brain cancer, according to his family

John Stossel: I left ABC 'because it sucked there' - TheDC

John Stossel

Fox News reporter said he begged for a job there to get away from ABC

Police surveillance video of Zimmerman may show head injury - TheDC

Police surveillance video of Zimmerman may show head injury

Live Tweet Or Die - TheDC

Live tweeting the New Hampshire GOP debate

Cokie Roberts: Current tax code discourages socialism in US - TheDC

ABC News political commentator argues embracing the flat tax would might mean not using the tax code for ‘social good’

Amanpour back to CNN? - NYP

TV Amanpour This Week

Will ABC News’ Amanpour head back to her old stomping grounds?

Congress' job approval at lowest point ever - TheDC


New poll shows Congress maintains poor reviews on job performance

Yahoo!-ABC News content partnership could threaten AOL-HuffPo dominance - TheDC


‘Together we can create highly engaging experiences for more than 100 million users a month’

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - TheDC

President Obama Makes Statement In The White House Rose Garden

Standard & Poor’s drops U.S. credit rating