How To Limit The Opioid Epidemic With Simple Brochures

Health | Reuters
A Cataldo Ambulance medic holds used doses of naloxone after medics revived a man in his 40's who was found unresponsive from an opioid overdose in the Boston suburb of Salem, Massachusetts, U.S., August 9, 2017. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

‘Get these substances out of our medicine cabinets’

Man Commits Livestreamed Suicide By Snake After Wife Leaves Him

World | Gabrielle Okun
A man committed a livestreamed suicide by having his pet snake bite him. (Shutterstock)

‘I loved her very much’

Moroccan TV Show Teaches Women To Cover Up Domestic Violence Bruises With Makeup

World | Annabel Scott
Woman applying corrector stick or concealer, cover dark circles under eyes. (Photo: Shutterstock)

‘It normalizes violence against women, legitimizes it and covers it with makeup’

Father allegedly abused son after rooting for OK-State over Oklahoma

Sports | KFOR Oklahoma City
Oklahoma St Oklahoma Football

Don’t tell Gannon Mendez it’s just a game

Defense Contractors exploiting loopholes in DOD contracting policies - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

Have defense contracts become less competitive over the past decade? A recent report by the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch News shows that over the past ten years Defense Department funding for non-competitive contracts has nearly tripled. According to iWatch, the dollar amounts going to non-competitive contracts has increased from $50 billion in 2001 to $140 […]

Three more Planned Parenthood videos seemingly show staff aiding Pimp's underage prostitutes - TheDC

US | Caroline May

Live Action has released three new videos that show scenarios in which Planned Parenthood tells a pimp how to get abortions and birth control for girls as young as 14

Eric Holder's dirty secret

Feature:Opinion | Grier Weeks

The technology to detect and stop child sexual abuse on a massive scale exists. Why won’t Attorney General Holder deploy it?

Yippee, we're all abusers now!

Opinion | Carey Roberts

The definition of “domestic abuse” has been stretched so far that everyone’s guilty of it.

Vick to speak out about dogfighting - CNN

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will join the Humane Society of the United States in speaking about the horrors of dogfighting with students of two high schools in New Haven, Connecticut

Insanity defense sought for NY man charged with rape, torture - AP

| admin

Wright’s lawyer says he was brutally abused for years by a stepfather

Church says pastor didn't engage in sexual conduct - AP

US | admin

The four men accuse Long of using his influence, lavish trips, gifts and jobs to coerce them

Slavery, alive and well

Feature:Opinion | Sam McCahon

How US government contractors are effectively enslaving people and forcing them to work in combat zones.

CA Dems space out on marijuana proposition - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

The California Democratic Party is behaving as though controversial Proposition 19, the California ballot initiative to legalize marijuana, does not exist

Half of high school students admit to bullying - CNN

| interns

A new study released this week shows that half of high school students have admitted to bullying, and nearly as many high school students have admitted to being bullied

More Catholic Church abuse claims surface - AP

US | admin

Abuse claims detailed in unsealed California church documents

Obama joins anti-bullying video campaign - CNN

US | interns

President Obama joined the viral anti-bullying campaign Thurs. night, recording an online video urging young people not to bully

Celebrities launch anti-bullying campaigns - PopEater

Entertainment | interns

Tim Gunn is the latest celebrity to launch an anti-bullying campaign in response to the growing number of teen suicides

Ga. pastor's youth academy preached sexual control - AP

US | admin

Bishop Eddie Long is being sued by two young men who say Long used the program to groom them for sexual relationships

Illegal drug use rises to highest in a decade - AP

US | admin

Rate of illegal drug use rose last year to highest level in nearly a decade, fueled by sharp increase in use of marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine

6 Ore. men settle Boy Scout sex abuse cases - AP

US | admin

6 Ore. men settle Boy Scout sex abuse cases