CAUGHT ON TAPE: The Massive, Deadly Explosion At A Fireworks Market In Mexico [VIDEO]

Video | Eric Owens

‘Bodies were thrown all over the place, including a lot of children’

This Person Burned Off Fat So Quickly, The Authorities Were Alerted

US | Alex Olson

Obese pyre starts grease fire

What is the cut on Sen. Crapo's face?

Politics | Alexis Levinson

The Idaho Republican injured himself over the recess

Fatal fiery highway crash in Ga. [VIDEO]

US | Associated Press
Georgia car crash

3 dead in foggy interstate crash

African wild dogs, endangered species fight back [VIDEO] - Travel Channel

Entertainment | Travel Channel

Tourists in UK game park mount SUV offensive after pack of canines “make a mess”

Will there be a nuclear meltdown in your backyard?

Energy | Chet Nagle

Several nuclear power plants in the U.S. are located in earthquake zones and/or tsunami zones.

Electricity restored to part of Daiichi plant - WaPo

Energy | interns

As Japanese citizens struggle to return to normalcy there are encouraging signs as workers have restored power to the damaged Daiichi nuclear power plant

Reported errors double in air traffic control - AP

Business | admin

In a time of unparalleled aviation safety in the United States, reports of mistakes by air traffic controllers have nearly doubled

Ryanair passengers mutiny over baggage charge - Daily Mail

World | Laura Donovan

After Ryanair tried to charge one passenger extra for carry-on baggage, fellow passengers mutinied in protest of the fee

Gulf of Mexico predicted to fully recover by 2014 - Washington Times

US | interns

Kenneth Feinberg, the man in charge of BP’s $20 billion victims’ compensation fund, says the Gulf will have recovered by 2014

Terror, ruin but no deaths in huge Australia storm - AP

World | admin

Australia residents and officials were shocked and relieved that no one was reported killed by the monstrous Cyclone Yasi

Man who committed suicide in car buried under snow for days - NYDN

US | Laura Donovan

The body of a Queens man who allegedly shot himself to death was found Tuesday inside a car, which was buried under several feet of snow

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport reopens after icy weather conditions - USA Today

US | Laura Donovan

DFW Airport is preparing to resume flight operations after icy weather conditions temporarily closed down the airport Tuesday morning

Stuxnet virus could cause Chernobyl-like disaster in Iran - AP

Business | admin

Report says with control systems of a nuclear reactor disabled by the virus, it would have the force of a “small nuclear bomb”

25 years later: Remembering Space shuttle Challenger - TheDC

US | The Daily Caller

We honor the memory of the seven astronauts who perished in the space shuttle Challenger accident, January 28, 1986

Hillary's foot-in-mouth moment as a climate scientist

Opinion | Anthony Watts

Last summer, Clinton said that Pakistan’s devastating floods were the result of global warming. This week, she was proven wrong.

Snow piles up on snow-weary Northeast - AP

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Commuters up and down the East Coast began the all-too-familiar task of digging out cars