Supreme Court Says Aereo's Live TV-Streaming Is Illegal

Tech | Kate Patrick
Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia departs the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington

‘It may mean the end of our company’

Stop Messing With Internet Businesses

Opinion | Gary Shapiro

Protectionists across the country wage war on innovative companies like Tesla, Uber, and Airbnb

Why the Supreme Court must side with Aereo

Opinion | Gary Shapiro
TV on the Internet.JPEG

They’re guilty of disrupting television’s dinosaurs, not breaking the law.

30th anniversary of Betamax decision sees new fight for innovation

Opinion | Gary Shapiro

The debate over Aereo is an echo of the landmark 1984 case.

How pay TV plans to kill Aereo

TV on the Internet.JPEG

Aereo is being sued by several broadcasters including CBS, which alleges that the company is stealing its content and transmitting it over the Internet to subscribers.