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Fox Business Network scores lawsuit victory over Treasury Dept.


‘This is another proud day for Fox Business’

US profit from AIG inflated, thanks to tax subsidy - TheDCNF

AIG Government Audit

Government potentially losing $25 billion thanks to specialized tax benefit to insurance giant AIG

Crony capitalism alleged in Fed's debt swaps - TheDCNF


The Fed has secretly selected three banks to bid on American International Group

AIG taxs breaks keep stock prices artificially high - TheDCNF


The multinational insurance corporation American International Group, Inc. (AIG) made headlines four years ago when their credit rating dropped to AA, resulting in a massive liquidity crisis then resultingin a $182.5 billion bailout from the US government. This past quarter, the company reported $19.8 billion in profits, which would seem like quite a turn around [...]

Greenberg sues feds for $25 billion for AIG takeover - CNNMoney

AIG Bailout

Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg and his Starr International Company accused officials of discriminating against AIG

As Europe's crisis grows, over there is over here - NYT

EU Global Economy

43 large European banks hold debt in troubled sovereigns equal to 63 percent of those institutions’ book values

Bank of America sells half of its China bank stake - AP

Bank of America

The nation’s largest bank by assets said Monday it will sell 13.1 billion shares in the Chinese bank for $8.3 billion to a group of investors it declined to name

AIG, Treasury prepare to sell 300 million shares - MarketWatch


The bailed-out insurance giant plans to sell its stock at $29, bringing in billions for the Treasury

Gov't and AIG announce plan to end federal stake - AP

AIG announced a plan Friday to end taxpayer involvement in the company over the next two years

Government-owned AIG reports additional $2.4B loss - AP

AIG is 80 percent-owned by the U.S. government and ‘remains confident in its core operations’

Treasury set to drastically cut TARP cost estimate - FT

The administration is set to lower its estimate of the cost of TARP when it celebrates the end of the bail-out effort next week

AIG plots end to U.S. aid - WSJ

Government officials and AIG are in talks to sell off the government’s stake in the company and repay taxpayers

AIG repaying nearly $4 billion in federal loans - AP

The insurer’s aircraft leasing company, International Lease Finance Corp., completed the sale of $4.4 billion in debt. AIG will use more than $3.9 billion of the proceeds to repay the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

AIG in talks to get government out of the company - BusinessWeek

The insurer has delivered to the Treasury Department a plan that includes replacing the government’s stake with private ownership

AIG chairman bails out - AP

The executive resigned today due to an ‘ineffective and unsustainable’ working relationship with the firm’s CEO

Report savages government's AIG bailout as 'poisonous' - AP

A watchdog panel says it’s still unclear whether U.S. taxpayers will ever fully recoup the $182 billion they plowed into American International Group Inc.

Puts and Calls: Bad news for AIG is bad news for taxpayers - The Daily Caller

Tom Karol looks into why bad news for AIG is bad news for taxpayers

Puts and Calls: The price of settling - The Daily Caller

Will AIG pay back its bailouts?; No charges forthcoming on Fannie and Freddie; Flash crash prompts SEC rule for better information; Treasury makes more TARP profits

Wednesday's Puts and Calls: The Politics of Business - The Daily Caller

Two strikes for Dems on finance bill, Goldman Sachs gets a verbal beat-down and The Market doesn’t respond well, CNNMoney says ‘No one cares’ about Goldman investigation