Were Jihadists Responsible For Security At Montreal Airport?

World | David Krayden
November 2015 Paris terror attacks memorial Reuters/Eric Gaillard

‘This is a reminder of the need to be ever vigilant against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism’

NBA Star Takes A Handgun Through Airport Security

Sports | David Hookstead
Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard was found with a loaded Glock 26 9mm at a Houston airport

The Worst TSA Is In Oakland

US | James Longley

Where does your airport rank?

TSA Agents STILL Don't Know Basic US Geography

US | Lauren Eissler
Transportation Security Agency (TSA). The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the TSA will face financial disruptions if automatic government cuts go into effect March 1, 2013 due to sequestration. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Are D.C. and Hawaii even part of the US?

Stowaway flies to Hawaii in wheel well. And survives!

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Airplane Stowaway

Perhaps a SLIGHT overreaction to a bad winter

Hacking x-ray machines could get guns through airport security

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Passengers show boarding passes to board an escalator to gates as a Los Angeles Airport Police officer stands guard where a moment of silence was held for TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez at Los Angeles airport

‘Someone could basically own this machine and modify the images that the operators see’

Watch this heroic airport security guard dive to catch a falling baby

Video | Eric Owens

Disaster averted, just barely!

Disabled Marine 'humiliated' by agents at Phoenix airport

US | Caroline May

‘An officer then made him remove his legs, then put them back on”

11-year-old hitchhiker boards plane from UK to Rome without passport or ticket - TheDC

World | Hillary Alexander

Boy ditches mom at shopping mall, tricks airport security

Parents try to smuggle baby past airport security in carry on - Gulf News

World | InternAdmin

‘When customs officials saw the baby inside the bag at the X-ray scanner, they were stunned’

TSA screening study leaves health questions unanswered - TheDCNF

US | Betsi Fores

Republican Sen. Susan Collins and other lawmakers recently asked the Transportation Security Administration to thoroughly study the health effects of its body scanners. Instead, like a nervous passenger, the agency seems to have “opted out” of that particular request. Sen. Collins, along with other lawmakers, requested a new report to address the effects of TSA’s […]

DHS: New airport security policy for kids under 12 - AP

US | admin

Children will no longer have to remove shoes once plan is finalized

Police: Suspicious cargo at Dulles not a danger - AP

| admin

Officials say there was nothing harmful about suspicious boxes on a cargo pallet that prompted an hours-long evacuation of several gates

U.S. airport security will allow travelers to keep shoes on - NY Daily News

US | InternAdmin

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says passengers won’t have to remove shoes in the future

Bin Laden lives on through the TSA

Opinion | Ron Hart

The TSA is a prime example of how government programs often hurt the people they’re supposed to protect.

Texas senate passes bill to prohibit TSA pat-downs - Star-Telegram

US | InternAdmin

The bill would expand the federal definition of ‘official oppression’ to ban federal employees from improperly touching a person’s privates

Why Bogdan Dzakovic won't fly

op-ed | Becky Akers

An aviation security expert explains why he avoids air travel.

Police at Miami airport after explosion in bag - AP

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

The bag was damaged and shreds of what appears to have been a pressurized can recovered

Naked insecurity: Bombs and guns continue to go undetected at airports - ABC

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

Classified government studies leaked to the media show that bombs were easily smuggled past airport security by undercover agents

The TSA singers

Editorial | Theo Caldwell

The TSA is trying to improve its image by singing to people. Instead of singing, they should stop grabbing people’s groins.