'AIG Sponsors Jihad TV' Banner To Fly Over NFL Game

US | Evan Gahr

‘I have to question their patriotism’

Hugh Hewitt Calls Out Soledad O'Brien For Working For Al Jazeera

US | Chuck Ross

‘So is Qatar funding Islamists?’

NBC News hires staffer from anti-American network

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘Meet the Press’ is getting a new senior producer

WOMP WOMP: Ratings show almost no one watches Al-Jazeera America

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Sad clown

If you thought Obamacare’s numbers were bad, wait ’til you see Al-Jazeera’s

Global warming documentary to premier on fossil fuel funded Al Jazeera

World | Michael Bastasch

‘If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage’

Report: The NSA hacked Al-Jazeera in 2006

World | Josh Peterson

Bush administration intercepted messages from news network

Media Matters still hearts Al-Jazeera

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Al-Jazeera America

The love affair continues with Al-Jazeera America

International public broadcasting can come home, but do we need it at all?

Opinion | Trevor Burrus

We should be allowed to see what we’re telling other countries.

Experts criticize 'irresponsible' Al Jazeera investigation of anti-Morsi activists' ties to U.S.

World | Charles Rollet

‘To depict the protests and overthrow of Morsi as some sort of U.S.-funded plot is inaccurate and irresponsible’

Former CNN anchor joins Al-Jazeera America, plans to host new show

US | Nicole Lafond

Foreign-based broadcast news channel announced plans to launch new series on American economy

Current TV defends Al-Jazeera, the station's new boss

US | Nicole Lafond

Congressman still has ‘legitimate concerns’ about foreign-owned news channel

Gore, Current silent as cleric affirms death penalty for leaving Islam on Al-Jazeera

World | Nicole Lafond
Al Gore

‘If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today’

The Assumption of Al: 3 reasons Al Gore is the greatest progressive in all the known world - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
Al Gore points into your soul. AP Images.

In three miraculous acts

Experts: Al-Jazeera using Al Gore to boost US legitimacy

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Al Gore sold Current TV for millions of dollars. Heather Kennedy/Getty Images.

Al-Jazeera first came to prominence as the go-to media outlet of al-Qaida

FLASHBACK: Top Al-Jazeera host called Holocaust 'divine punishment' for Jews [VIDEO] - TheDC

Business | David Martosko

In 2009 Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi shared some of the charm that will soon transform Al Gore’s ‘Current TV’ network

Colin Powell contradicts internal Current TV memo on Al-Jazeera sale - TheDC

Entertainment | Jamie Weinstein

False: Current TV claim that Al-Jazeera is the only station Powell watches

Media Matters linked with anti-American, anti-Israel Al-Jazeera network - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

Media Matters for America linked with anti-American, anti-Israel Al-Jazeera network

Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya - The Guardian

World | Associated Press

Five of them were armed and wearing sand-colored clothes, peaked caps, and cotton Arab scarves

Journalists' crush on Al Jazeera English

Feature:Opinion | Matt Philbin

U.S. media admire the anti-American outlet for the same reasons many Americans deplore the U.S. media.