Dem Congressman: Republicans Won Because Americans Hate Obama

Politics | Derek Hunter

Not policy, not jobs, not the economy, just hatred.

Grayson's Wife, Kids Now On Government Assistance

Politics | Ben Smith

‘I don’t have any money at all. He’s been holding all our money for years and years’

Congressman Accuses Ex-NSA Head Of Trading Secrets 'For Profit'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Former National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander participates in a panel discussion

‘Disclosing or misusing classified information for profit is, as Mr. Alexander well knows, a felony’

Alan Grayson says US 'should be pleased' Russia annexed Crimea

World | Alexis Levinson
Rep. Alan Grayson

‘This is not some new Cold War that’s occurring’

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Democratic congressman: My wife beat me up

Politics | Patrick Howley

Grayson lawyer alleges ‘uppercut’

Guess how many MILLIONS Alan Grayson lost to a schemer!

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Alan Grayson smiles. Photo: Bill Clark, Getty Images

Democratic Congressman was the victim of a scheme that defrauded investors of over $35 million

Will the Justice Dept prosecute Greenwald?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon
File photo of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, an analyst with a U.S. defence contractor, being interviewed by The Guardian in his hotel room in Hong Kong

‘Is the act of investigative journalism now a crime, or not?’

Alan Grayson should pay for his slanderous attack

Opinion | Lloyd Marcus
Grayson email

A class action defamation lawsuit, with the money used to fund conservatives, would be a sweet irony.

Even Bashir turns against ugly lunatic Alan Grayson

Politics | Jeff Poor

Florida Democrat accuses MSNBC host of collaborating with the tea party

Alan Grayson's disgrace

Opinion | Sal Russo
Alan Grayson smiles. Photo: Bill Clark, Getty Images

Erosion of civility prevents serious dialogue

MSNBC talking heads' shocking comments on Grayson's KKK email

Politics | Jeff Poor
Bashir Show

‘Martin Bashir’s guests suggest there is a justification for inflammatory Grayson anti-tea party fundraising email

Allen West unloads on Grayson's tea party attack

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former Florida Republican congressman calls on president and other black leaders to speak out against Alan Grayson

Grayson doubles down on tea party-KKK comparison

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Alan Grayson smiles. Photo: Bill Clark, Getty Images

Grayson doubles down on tea party-KKK comparison

Grayson jeered for fundraising as government shut down

Daily Caller News Foundation | Breanna Deutsch
Alan Grayson smiles. Photo: Bill Clark, Getty Images

‘Maybe not the best time to fundraise bro’

STONEWALLED: Congress prevented from accessing basic NSA info, despite Top Secret security clearances

Politics | Josh Peterson

Republicans and Democrats alike find their efforts thwarted

How Obama nixed anti-NSA hearing

Politics | Josh Peterson

Critics of domestic surveillance program booted into the middle of next month, or the month after

House members to hear from critics of NSA spying program

Politics | Josh Peterson
Brazil NSA Surveillance Greenwald.JPEG

‘We have barely heard anything in Congress from critics of the program,’ said Grayson.