Donald Trump Should Throw California Governor Jerry Brown IN JAIL

op-ed | Alan Keyes
Getty Images/David McNew, Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Brown and California’s legislators have enacted anti-constitutional laws

Change At State Promises Trump A More Harmonious Outcome

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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The word ‘demoralize’ connotes the excision of moral purpose and confidence

My Faith-Based Counsel To The Trump Administration: Emphasize The American Creed

op-ed | Alan Keyes
USA flag and Bible Shutterstock/Maria Dryfhout

The American people are under no obligation to cater to views that contradict self-government

The Second Amendment Is Plainly About War, Not Hunting

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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What we need is a Constitutional Militia Act

THE MUELLER MESS: Have The American People Lost Another Key Sovereign Power?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
Robert Mueller Getty Images/Alex Wong

Our liberty is standing in airlock, waiting to be blown into the vacuum of historical oblivion

Can The United States Of America Reclaim Its Misremembered Greatness?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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We are rapidly losing the common sense of humanity that flourishes under Christianity

Answer Facebook's Attacks Against Freedom Of Speech — Complain, Sue, Compete

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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Freedom of speech is essential to right reasoning

Trump's Alleged S**thole Comment Was Beneath The Dignity Of The Nation And The Presidency

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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Utter disregard for decent humanity and people who struggle against hellish material conditions

What Is The Opposite Of Slavery?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
liberty or death tread on me snake flag Shutterstock/Bruce Stanfield

Involuntary servitude to evil and injustice that ought to gall all people of good will

Trump Is Right: Giving Priority To 'The Wall' Is For The Good Of All

op-ed | Alan Keyes
USA Mexico border wall Getty Images/David McNew

The issues of border security and immigration are not just about how people come to America

After Close Elections, Why Isn't Meticulous Scrutiny Of The Vote Routine?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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Indifference to the validity of the election process is a symptom of profound disrepair

In Bearing The Cross There Is No Shame, Only The Hope Of Christ

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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We live in hope, not just for ourselves, or even our country, but for all humanity

Where Sadness, Too, Is Joy

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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The very substance of truth makes sadness reasonable, but also confident joy

Understanding The Federal Court-Assisted Suicide Of Our Self-Government

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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Bigoted individuals must not take away the way of life our exercise of rightful liberty secures

Will The Orgy Of Lawless Trial By Unproved Accusation End Before It Ends Our Liberty?

op-ed | Alan Keyes
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Due process is supposed to impose an impartial discipline

Could Alabama's Senate Vote Signal A Revival Of America's Creed?

Opinion | Alan Keyes
A Bible is on the USA flag. (Photo: Shutterstock/Mark Hayes)

Roy Moore’s life has seen no shortage of God- and Christ-hating slanderers

Arms, Faith And The God-Endowed Right Of Liberty

op-ed | Alan Keyes
Marines with 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, reload their 240B machine gun at a support by fire-position during a company-sized attack on Range 401 at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif., July 26. The battalion is currently conducting the Integrated Training Exercise in preperation of their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan later this year. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Ali Azimi/released)

Citizens must be personally responsible for the defense of their own liberty

Searching For America’s Nationhood -- A Preliminary Reflection

op-ed | Alan Keyes
American flag display (Shutterstock/B Brown)

There is no object of our perception that exactly corresponds to this being within us.

The Power To Impeach Is The Power To Preserve Self-Governance

Opinion | Alan Keyes
The U.S. Capitol Building is seen May 17, 2017 in Washington, D.C. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein - RTX369BU

It’s long past time to routinize its use.

Trump’s Healthcare Order Aims To Keep His Socialistic Promises

Opinion | Alan Keyes
President Donald Trump speaks to the media with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at his side in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, October 16, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

When it comes to providing health care for all, Donald Trump is a socialist.