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Karl Marx on Obama's jobs plan

The president’s plan is so irresponsible that even Marx would object.

GE's Immelt on the hot seat

Can Obama’s new advisor shine a light on corporate tax cuts?

The Business of America Is Business

Profits up, rates down, tax cuts, and a stock rally. Things are looking up.

Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi's Keynesian black box

We should have learned from the White House’s reliance on Mr. Zandi’s forecasts in January 2009 that magical “multipliers” yanked from some forecaster’s black box are evidence of nothing

Obama stumbled on Wall Street

Do threats of tighter regulations and higher taxes on banks sound like a way to increase lending? President Obama seems to think so

A bone to pick with Bartlett on federal spending

Former White House official’s arguments against federal spending limit don’t stand up

Tyler Cowen’s uneasy case for managed care

I am usually a big fan of George Mason University’s innovative economist Tyler Cowen. But something peculiar seems to come over free-market fans when they start writing for The New York Times

The truth about health insurance premiums and profits

The president’s health insurance proposals hoped to use stern command-and-control techniques to run the health insurance system