100-Year-Old Woman Says Wine Is The Key To A Long Life

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Monvinic's head sommelier Isabelle Brunet shows a bottle of wine in their wine cellar in Barcelona, Spain June 22, 2017. REUTERS/Albert Gea - RTS188U7

‘I like my wine. Don’t take it away from me’

FINALLY: Scientists Make Booze Out Of CO2

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Hard alcohol. [Shutterstock/Alexandru Nika]
'Ethanol,' LOL

Scientist Invents Safer Alternative To Alcohol, Gets Slapped Down By Gov't

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I'm not as think as you alcosynth I am

Lawrence Taylor Gets DUI After Hitting Motor Home And Cop Car

US | Craig Boudreau
Lawrence Taylor

‘LT’s blood alcohol content was .084 five hours after the accident took place’

College Kids Are Using This One Trick To Get Even More Drunk Than Normal

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Passed out drunk on books.

‘There’s this sense of invincibility and the sense this is time in life in which it’s sort of okay’

1/3 Of UK Parents Bribe Their Kids With Alcohol

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A kid drinking beer

’34 percent of U.K. parents bribe their children with alcohol to encourage good behavior’

Amish Teen Charged With Driving Horse While Intoxicated

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A caution sing for horse-drawn buggy traffic.

The State Police saw friends surfing atop the horse-drawn buggy

Chipotle Offers Two For One Beers To Recoup Losses From E. Coli Scare

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Beer and guacamole.

The Mexican food chain will be offering either two-for-one, or half-off drink specials

Kentucky Town Mulls Ending Alcohol Ban To Stave Off Collapse

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A can of Budweiser Prohibition Brew

‘We could use any kind of income we can get as long as its legal’

New Mexico's Beer Drinkers Under Threat Of A New Tax

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Row of beer

’25 cents a drink is not going to change anybody‚Äôs mind’

This Temporary Tattoo Tells Your Phone How Drunk You Are

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People hold beer glasses

‘Right now, the tattoo is designed for one-time use. Place, Detect, Dispose.’

Vaportinis Are A Way To Get Drunk Fast Apparently And They Are On Sale

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Beer, Valentyn Volkov, Shutterstock

‘Is vaportini a real thing’

This Is Why You Should Never, EVER Ask A Bouncer To Punch You In The Face

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

‘Take a swing, and if you miss, I can go back inside.’

Washington Teens Find It Easier Getting Booze And Cigarettes Than Weed

US | Guy Bentley
Closeup of marijuana joint and buds on a checkerboard table with (Credit: Shutterstock/Wollertz)
Teens don't find it any easier to get marijuana after legalization