Study: Sin Taxes, Occupational Licensing Hold Back The Poor

Business | Guy Bentley

Abolish these, and lower classes can move up, study says

Is Alcohol The Secret To A Long Life?

US | Alex Pfeiffer

‘the secret to her long life was a fair amount of booze’

As A 'Dry' Country, Iran Has Just Admitted It Still Has A Problem

World | Ivan Plis

Drunk driving 3rd-highest cause of death

What's Up With All These Iowa Public School Teachers Getting HAMMERED On The Job?

Education | Eric Owens
Iowa cornfield Getty Images

Two months, two wasted teachers

Ezra Klein's Neo-Prohibitionist Wife: Fight Fake Rape Epidemic With Sky-High Beer Taxes, More Weed

Education | Eric Owens

Harvard American literature major has it all figured out, man

Hard Copy: A Vodka As Delicious As Moonshine, And A Whiskey To Boot

Entertainment | Christopher Bedford

Sterling advice for the informed booze shopper

Maryland Bans High-Proof Alcohol In Hopes Of Preventing Rape

US | Aldana Fourcade

Everclear, a type of grain alcohol, is banned in 11 states

How To Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Founder and Chairman of the Boston Beer Co. Jim Koch delivers a keynote address at the 28th annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hint: It involves a white powdery substance

Starbucks expands menu by selling alcohol in more stores

Business | Maggie Knors
Customers enjoy their drinks outside a newly designed Starbucks coffee shop in California

‘Caffeine alcohol and tea– oh my!’

TOP 10: Best ways to get drunk on St. Patrick's Day [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Other than Guinness, there are plenty of other ways to achieve the perfect state of drunken Irish bliss March 17

Poll: Sugar, tobacco, alcohol seen as more harmful than marijuana

| Caroline May
A fully budded marijuana plant ready for trimming is seen at the Botanacare marijuana store ahead of their grand opening on New Year's day in Northglenn, Colorado

Nearly twice as many Americans think sugar is more harmful to your health than marijuana

Now you don't have to drink all by yourself

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Now, there is wine for your cat

ER patients agree: Malt liquor is the way to go

US | Sarah Hofmann
Colt 45

Budweiser also popular

This is why you don't skip out on your bar tab

US | Buzz60

Social media justice for chronic dine and dasher

Student injured after dude shot bottle rocket from anus can't sue Marshall University

Education | Eric Owens

Lawsuit will continue against remaining defendants

Former UVA quarterback looks for redemption with NFL chance

Sports | The Washington Post

Alcohol derails promising college career

Scientist pushes for more research on hangovers

Business | Sarah Hofmann
Alcohol Hangovers

‘Hangovers are so common and prevalent in every society’

New study reveals that people do, in fact, like drunk munchies

US | Nicole Lafond
David Hasselhoff spoofing a drunken episode in a Comedy Central commercial.

Data suggested more calories, less healthy food, when imbibing