German Court Gives States The Right To Deport Suspected Terrorists

World | Jacob Bojesson
No evidence needed

Paris Terrorist Was Recognized By EU For His Work Against Discrimination

World | Jacob Bojesson
'For Diversity. Against Discrimination'

Gitmo Alum Detained In Raid Against French ISIS Cell

World | Jacob Bojesson
'We are grateful ... for the ongoing efforts by President Obama'

Parents Fight Docs Removing Life Support, Baby Wakes From Coma

World | Eric Lieberman
'Her treatment continues, but we see progress every day and that gives us a lot of hope'

Terror-Plagued Pakistan Just Turned On Another Nuclear Reactor

Energy | Andrew Follett
ISIS wants to steal such radioactive material to build a dirty bomb

Three Algerian Men Arrested For Allegedly Gang Raping A Woman Near The Eiffel Tower

World | JP Carroll
Lured by one of her alleged rapists via Facebook

Uncle Of Nice Attacker: My Nephew Was Radicalized Two Weeks Ago By Algerian ISIS Member

World | Jonah Bennett
Algerian ISIS member 'found in Mohamed an easy prey for recruitment'

Muslims In Switzerland Defy Burka Ban, Get FINED

World | Jonah Bennett
'The embassy reminds all honorable citizens of the necessity to respect and conform to Swiss rules'

Migrants Convicted Of Sexual Assault In Cologne Attacks Cheer As They Dodge Prison

World | Jonah Bennett
'Give me the girls, give me the girls - or you're dead'

Migrant Caught By Police After Pushing Man Into Oncoming Train

World | Jonah Bennett
'We were concerned and bewildered not knowing quite what to do'

Egypt Gets $25 Billion From Russia To Build Nuclear Reactors

Energy | Andrew Follett
Materials from the planned reactors could be used to create dirty bombs

Algeria Turns To Russia For Nuclear Power, Terrorists Rejoice

Energy | Andrew Follett
The reactor could make low-tech nuclear explosives called 'dirty bombs'

Refugees Voluntarily Leave Germany After Cuts To Their Benefits

World | Jacob Bojesson
37,220 left in disappointment

Cologne Police Make First Arrest 18 Days After 497 Women Were Sexually Assaulted

World | Jacob Bojesson
Just 1 of 1,000 perpetrators arrested

ISIS-Inspired Group Beheads French Tourist

Video | Tristyn Bloom
'Today a war was declared on France'

MASTER GUIDE: Everything You Need To Know About World Cup Group H

Sports | Ewan Watt
Become the master you've always claimed to be

Chilling texts from inside the Algerian terror attack compound [VIDEO]

World | CBS News
'I love you. Bad problems. I hope I can talk again'

White House condemns Algerian hostage taking [VIDEO]

Politics | Associated Press
The White House is condemning the taking of dozens of hostages, including several Americans

Hunt for Gadhafi: Saddam all over again?

Politics | admin
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is on the run, his capital all but fallen to rebels, his hometown under siege

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