MSNBC Host Stares Blankly At Camera During A Screwed-Up Segment

Media | Joe Simonson
Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 6.32.49 PM

Velshi gazed silently into our souls

MSNBC Anchor Loses Net Neutrality Debate With Former FCC Commissioner

Media | Amber Athey

You can almost see his head explode

Moore Lawyer Gives Cringeworthy Response On Dating Teens

Politics | Jack Crowe
Youtube screenshot/ TP Clips 8 Trenton Garmon thinks Ali Velshi is too "diverse" to understand Alabama

‘Culturally speaking, obviously there’s differences’

MSNBC Host Doesn't Realize She's On Air -- Gets Caught Pickin' A Wedgie

Media | Justin Caruso

‘If there’s a voice in the ear I can’t hear it…’

Dem Senator Forced To Correct MSNBC Host About Iran Deal

Media | Amber Athey

‘Let me correct you’

MSNBC Admits Media Won't Cover Trump's Sanctions On North Korea 'Because There's A Tweet'

Politics | Liam Clancy
MSNBC panel (MSNBC).

‘This is a critical story, and yet we don’t talk about it’

MSNBC Hosts Get LIVID When Guest Questions Their Credentials

Politics | Amber Athey
'You should fire your press person'

Sebastian Gorka Schools MSNBC On Radical Islam [VIDEO]

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Hold you horses, count to ten and the president will do what seems fit’