Levin: Why Should We Let The Left Destroy Future Generations?

Politics | Scott Greer

‘If we just leave it up to the left, then the left is going to essentially succeed in indoctrinating future generations’

Gov.-elect Rick Scott hints at school vouchers for all - St. Petersburg Times

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Scott may be setting the stage for Florida to consider one of the most radical education ideas that any state has ever considered

The future of education is already here

Opinion | Lisa Keegan

American education will not be improved by tinkering at the margins of what we have always done.

Obama meets with 'Waiting for Superman' students - NY Post

US | Chad Brady (admin)

The move by Obama is a blow to the national teachers union, which is portrayed in the documentary as villainous for opposing reforms

Charter schools finding niches - Washington Times

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Specialization seen as the next wave of reform

'Unschooling' lets children dictate their learning - CBS 11

US | interns

Some North Texans say children should decide what they learn, not teachers

The education debacle of the decade

Opinion | Bob Ewing

And whether we are liberal, conservative, libertarian or independent, we can all agree that special interest groups should not be able to force politicians to kill cost-effective programs that work

The Bologna dilemma

Opinion | Former Rep. Peter Smith

Consideration of the commitment to access for millions of previously unserved Americans, and the need to preserve and expand it, serves to highlight the “Bologna Dilemma” facing the Department of Education, U.S. accreditors, and institutions alike

Charter education takes to the internet - The Bay Citizen

US | interns

In an unorthodox program, Calif. charter schools are turning completely virtual

N.Y. Times misses the real lesson of charter schools

Opinion | Lance Izumi

The Times overlooked the ability of charter schools to use their freedom in order to transform themselves if they are not performing well

Where did my kids come from?

Opinion | Renee James

Why are college boys so unorganized? Surely I taught them better.

Diary of a pre-certified teacher, Vol. XVI: Final exam

Opinion | Augustine Brehon

After I took my final exams, I decided to go to the beach for a few days. I wanted to feel close to God, and since I was a kid the ocean has always connected me to the divine. The semester was over. It was time for a break—and to wrap up this diary.

Roadblocks remain for widespread success for charter schools - NYT

US | Pat McMahon

Studies are showing that improving the level of education for charter school students is no easy task

Education reform sunset in the Sunshine State?

Opinion | Jeanne Allen

Long term job security for teachers—collectively—should rely on a teacher workforce that gets the job done for students

Radical parenting not so dissimilar to lazy parenting

Opinion | Renee James

Radical parents are more about themselves than their children. It’s nothing more than a living experiment about how cool, how superior, how far beyond the rest of us they are. The problem is their kids—and everyone around them – will be stuck with the results

Diary of a pre-certified teacher, Vol. XII: Stereotype threat

Feature:Opinion | Augustine Brehon

The scene: I was sitting in one of the most liberal counties in America, just outside D.C., in a class taught by someone with a master’s in education. And she was admitting that the system sucked

Voucher vote a double negative for Democrats

Opinion | Andrew Coulson

On Tuesday evening, the Senate rejected an amendment to reauthorize the Opportunity Scholarships program, which provides private school tuition vouchers to 1,300 poor D.C. children. The nearly party-line vote was a serious mistake for Democrats—both educational and political.

School Choice in Sweden: An Interview with Thomas Idergard of Timbro

| AJ

Across the United States, policymakers are increasingly adopting education policies that give families the power to choose their children’s schools. Nonetheless, the idea of providing school vouchers to allow children to attend private schools remains controversial

Demanding education freedom now

Opinion | Shayam Menon

Education is the great equalizer. Today, however, there are millions of American children stuck in thousands of deteriorating government schools. Other children are fortunate to live in ZIP codes that have adequate government schools but whose standards often pale in comparison to private schools and schools in many industrialized nations. Despite decades of substantially increased spending and federal government directed education policy beginning with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) in 1965, we are failing to satisfactorily educate our children.