Amanda Bynes Was Just Kidding About Wanting To Murder Her Family

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After being caught on tape saying, ‘Nothing would give me greater pleasure than slitting his throat’

Amanda Bynes Accuses Dad Of Physical Abuse, Takes It Back

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Blames the microchip in her head, naturally

Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI

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Yes, again

Uh-oh: More legal trouble for Amanda Bynes

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Charge dropped to reckless drivingaRelated to 2012 DUI case

Amanda Bynes lit someone's driveway on fire

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She is now on an involuntary psychiatric hold

This is what Amanda Bynes looked like in court

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The retired actress donned a teal wig at a court appearance for her alleged bong-throwing incident

Report: Bong-throwing heathen Amanda Bynes kicked out of NYC apartment

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Amanda Bynes in 2002. AP Images.

Retired actress kicked out of fancy Midtown building after she was arrested for allegedly throwing bong out window

Amanda Bynes throws bong out of apartment window, promptly gets arrested

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She was reportedly taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation

Amanda Bynes gets three years probation, will probably keep tweeting - Hollyscoop

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The chase to catch up to LiLo continues

Amanda Bynes memorial tribute pops up in East Village [PHOTO]

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Because how else do you mourn erratic celebrity behavior?

Is Amanda Bynes the love child of Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus? [PHOTO]

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The former Nickelodeon star seems to be taking her cues from Lohan and Cyrus

Amanda Bynes tweets about plastic surgery to fix the 'webbing' between eyes

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Amanda Bynes

Says she looks ‘so much prettier,’ wants to send pre-op photos down memory hole

Amanda Bynes tweets topless pics, still swears she isn't crazy [PHOTOS]

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The former child star tweeted a series of topless photos late Wednesday

Amanda Bynes is totally fine, you guys

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‘Retired’ ‘actress’ has taken crazy to a new level with a video she posted to her Twitter account

Amanda Bynes gaining on Lindsay Lohan for title of most troubled child star

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‘Retired’ actress reportedly asked to leave gymnastics class after she began crying when her wig fell off

TheDC's favorite celebrity scandals of 2012 [SLIDESHOW]

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From Demi Moore’s whip-it induced breakdown to Lindsay Lohan’s laundry list of legal woes

Amanda Bynes is not 'troubled' according to Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes plans to sue In Touch

The former actress says that she is totally fine: ‘I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired’

Lindsay Lohan arrested just 2 days after saying Amanda Bynes should be in jail - TheDC

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The actress was booked in New York City early Wednesday morning for allegedly hitting a pedestrian while driving a Porsche Cayenne away from a nightclub