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Southwest And American Airlines Join Companies Spreading The Tax Cut Wealth

Politics | Robert Donachie
Money is flowing back to American workers

A Computer Glitch May Have Grounded Thousands Of Christmas Flights

Business | Tim Pearce
15,000 flights affected

NAACP Talks 'Racial Bias' With American Airlines After Issuing Travel Warning Against Them

Business | Amber Randall
'Subjected to racially discriminatory treatment'

NAACP Tells Black People It's Dangerous To Fly On American Airlines

US | Amber Randall
'Mistreated African-American customers'

US Big Three Airline CEOs Meet With Tillerson To Discuss Open Skies

US | Ted Goodman
'Trump has an opportunity to actually put American workers first'

'This Is America, Man!' -- Tucker Gives Passionate Defense Of Free Speech Against Civil Rights Attorney

Politics | Amber Athey
'That's too far'

Lena Dunham Is Awful, Pt. 4,372

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Lena Dunham Publicly Beefs With American Airlines Over "Transphobic Talk"

Entertainment | Davis Richardson
While complaining about her flight delay, a "self destructive (food wise)" Lena Dunham took to Twitter to criticize American Airlines over employees allegedly having a "transphobic talk."

Rex Tillerson Wades Into Open Skies Fight

Business | Ted Goodman
Proponents and opponents lobby Tillerson on Open Skies

Trump Administration May Intervene In Open Skies Fight

Politics | Ted Goodman
'Trade cheating by the UAE and Qatar puts over 1.2 million American jobs at risk'

Man Tries To Bite Flight Attendant, Then Jumps Off Plane

US | Nick Givas
Could face up to 20 years in federal prison

'Mental' Passenger On Hawaii Flight Had Been Arrested At The Airport Before Takeoff

US | Thomas Phippen
Arrested, released and allowed to board

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Fighter Jets Escort American Plane After Someone Tried To Break Into Cockpit

US | Thomas Phippen
'in response to a reported disturbance'

Competition And The "Open Skies Agreement"

Opinion | Neil Siefring
United, Delta, and American Airlines are being dragged kicking and screaming into the innovative economy.

Big Three US Airlines Call For Trump To Step In Over Middle Eastern Air Subsidies

Business | Ted Goodman
'Bipartisan support is growing by the day'

Jason Derulo Blames American Airlines For Racial Discrimination After Airport Altercation

Entertainment | Ford Springer
He and his friends caused a scene

The Fight For Fifteen Is Coming To America's Airports

Business | Ted Goodman
After threatening to strike over the busy Thanksgiving weekend, workers plan to walk out Tuesday

O'Hare Airport Workers Announce Intent To Strike During Holiday

Business | Ted Goodman
Potential holiday airport workers strike is part of 'fight for fifteen'

Delta To Give Employees 6% Raise

Business | Ted Goodman
65,000 Delta employees are eligible

American Airlines Employees Say New Uniforms Are Giving Them Hives, Headaches

Business | Ted Goodman
'Detectable levels of chemicals normally found in pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers'

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