Fly Your American Flag Correctly On Veteran's Day: Here's How [PHOTOS]

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If Old Glory is going to wave, it better be right

Rural Cops Charge Man For Desecrated, Upside-Down American Flag

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WJAC screenshot

‘I was offended by it,’ yokel officer explains

Awesome Marines save American flag from protesters dishonoring it

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marines save flag from protesters

When they saw an upside-down flag in Albuquerque, a couple Marines intervened

9 times the Stars and Stripes provided hope among the wreckage

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From World War II to 9/11

Students sent home for wearing U.S. flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo get day in appeals court

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American flag. Photo: Creative Commons/Mike LoCascio

Principal saw shirts as ‘perceived threat’

Another school year in South Carolina, so more American flag desecration

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flag burn collage: Horry County Police via WPDE, Getty Images/Adib Katib

There was an evacuation, and the bomb squad showed up for this one

Iconic Ground Zero photo almost axed for being too patriotic

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Way for Americans to look best ‘is to not be Americans so vigilantly and vehemently’

10 people nailing that whole patriotism thing [SLIDESHOW]

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What’s red, white and blue all over?

Celebrate Summer With These 10 Patriotic Hotties In American Flag Bikinis

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What goes best with barbecue and beer? Babes in bikinis

Lil Wayne steps on American flag

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The rapper was filmed stepping on the flag while filming the music video for ‘God Bless Amerika’

Flag-stomping South Carolina English teacher gets $85,000 settlement from school district

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American flag

Flag-stomping South Carolina English teacher gets $85,000 settlement from school district

Students suspended for chanting 'USA,' wearing American flag bandanas at basketball game

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American flag

School superintendent: ‘We need to pursue this further’

Flag-stomping South Carolina teacher appeals his firing

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American flag

Critics are many; supporters are few; career prospects look bleak

Attorney for flag-stomping SC teacher says story incomplete, pink slip undeserved

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Iwo Jima Memorial

School’s location near Fort Jackson less than ideal for mounting defense

An open letter to Barack Obama: Don't put your campaign logo on our flag

Opinion | Thomas P. Kilgannon

By modifying the American flag, the president violated the trust of the American people.

Elderly NJ woman faces eviction for hanging American flags - TheDC

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American flag
Resident fights power-hungry housing authority

Florida vets angered over Obama-spangled flag at Dem party headquarters - TheDC

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Obama Flag

‘I can’t describe how upset I was, because you just don’t do that to the American flag’

Happy Flag Day! Here are 10 hot girls in American flag bikinis - TheDC

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Celebrating Old Glory in the best way possible