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Fallen Marine's Father Pleads For His Son's American Flag To Be Returned

US | Nick Givas
'This is a last ditch effort but it means everything to us'

Students Spray-Paint An American Flag — Veterans' Response Leaves Them With Tears In Their Eyes

Politics | Justin Caruso
They apologized immediately.

Rick Monday's 'Great Play' - This Is How American Athletes USED To Treat The Flag

| John Wellington
A True Patriot

Fans Straight Up Ignore Green Bay's National Anthem Request

Politics | Derek Hunter
Players and coaches locked arms. The fans mostly did not

No, The Flag Is Not About 'Ideals'

| David Benkof
Our flag and our national anthem represent today’s noble nation, not a fantasy future America.

Zinke: Many Department Of Interior Employees Are 'Not Loyal To The Flag'

US | Henry Rodgers
'Hold people accountable'

Why Did This High School Ban The American Flag?

Education | Eric Owens
'This a community that has a considerable tradition of patriotism'

Michigan School Dress Code Controversy

Education | Jake Rennie
The school originally banned all clothing with U.S. flags.

Taxpayer-Funded University Student Senate Drops American Flag Requirement, Citing DIVERSITY

Education | Eric Owens
'The concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual'

Why Is The American Flag Flying At Rallies For South Korea's Impeached President?

World | Ryan Pickrell
'It was the US and white people that helped this country'

Proudly Demonstrate Your Love Of America, With Beautiful Mahogany Cases

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Show off your Americana

'ASK YOURSELF' -- Mike Rowe Schools A Woman Who Didn't Like His Pro-American Flag Stance

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Well said...

Public High School Teacher Who Stomped On US Flag In Class Now Fancies Himself A CIVIL RIGHTS MARTYR

Education | Eric Owens
'We won't be silent'

Public High School History Teacher STOMPS ON AMERICAN FLAG In Front Of Class [PHOTO]

Education | Eric Owens
Did 'the new history teacher' also offer to burn it with a lighter? Reportedly, YES!

School Superintendent Apologizes: Students Waving Flags Promote 'Hate,' 'Hostility'

Education | Christian Datoc
'These actions are not characteristic of our schools, our staff, our students, or our community, and they represent a lack of knowledge.'

Update: SC Principal Reverses Ban On American Flag After Uproar

Education | Mary Lou Lang
'I also appreciate and applaud their desire to promote patriotism...'

Banning Of American Flag At H.S. Football Game Stirs Uproar

Education | Mary Lou Lang
'not allow the American flag to be used in an improper ‘taunting,’ unsportsmanlike manner'

Snopes Caught LYING About Lack Of American Flags At Democratic Convention

US | Peter Hasson
Will they issue a retraction?

Firefighters Banned From Supporting Police Officers

US | Peter Hasson
'We just wanted to show our support for law enforcement'

This Sexy Swimsuit Model Wants You To Check Out American Flag Bikinis

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
What's more appealing: The model or the sale?

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