American Flag Burned At Trans Pride March

US | Kelly McDonald

Transgender activists burned the flag in San Francisco

It's National Flag Week. Celebrate With These Sexy Patriots.

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That’s patriotic!

Company Orders Flags Removed from Veterans' Graves

US | Kelly McDonald

Veterans were forced to remove American flags from the graves of fallen soldiers

Firefighters Called 'Terrorists' For Putting American Flag On Truck

US | Peter Hasson
American Flag (Credit: Shutterstock)

The firefighters say they’re being told to take the flag down

'Gang-Related': School District Freaks Out Over 12 Year Old Honor Student's American Flag Shirt

Education | Christian Datoc

‘That design has been associated with gangs in the past, and we cannot just turn a blind eye to that.’

High School Students Revolt After Principal CANCELS 'AMERICA PRIDE DAY'

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images/Picture Finders, Getty Images/Chris Rogers, Getty Images /Harry How

School officials appear to have been worried about the tender feelings of immigrants

Collapse: Backdrop At Clinton Event Falls Down, Takes Out American Flag

Elections | Derek Hunter

Hillary’s summer in one metaphor

A Look Into The History of America's Flags

Slideshow | Sumner Park

See how these flag stories fly by you

Illinois Teacher Sacked For STOMPING ON AMERICAN FLAG In Front Of Class

Education | Eric Owens
Baseball Apple Pie Flag

He treaded on symbol of free speech to teach free speech, he said

Retailer Pulls Upside Down Flag Shirt After Boycott Threat

Business | Derek Hunter
Protesters march carrying an upside down American flag at a rally in St. Louis

Displaying the flag upside down is supposed to be done only in times of distress

Flabbergasted Students Watch Illinois Teacher STOMP ON AMERICAN FLAG

Education | Eric Owens

‘He talked about it being the right to do whatever he wants’

Fly Your American Flag Correctly On Veteran's Day: Here's How [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: Getty Images)

If Old Glory is going to wave, it better be right

Rural Cops Charge Man For Desecrated, Upside-Down American Flag

US | Eric Owens
WJAC screenshot

‘I was offended by it,’ yokel officer explains

Awesome Marines save American flag from protesters dishonoring it

US | Sarah Hofmann
marines save flag from protesters

When they saw an upside-down flag in Albuquerque, a couple Marines intervened

9 times the Stars and Stripes provided hope among the wreckage

Slideshow | Brad Matthews

From World War II to 9/11

Students sent home for wearing U.S. flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo get day in appeals court

Education | Associated Press
American flag. Photo: Creative Commons/Mike LoCascio

Principal saw shirts as ‘perceived threat’

Another school year in South Carolina, so more American flag desecration

Education | Eric Owens
flag burn collage: Horry County Police via WPDE, Getty Images/Adib Katib

There was an evacuation, and the bomb squad showed up for this one

Iconic Ground Zero photo almost axed for being too patriotic

US | Charles Rollet

Way for Americans to look best ‘is to not be Americans so vigilantly and vehemently’