Medical Marijuana Linked To 25 Percent Drop In Painkiller Abuse

US | Steve Birr
The bud of a marijuana plant. Shutterstock/Steve Ikeguchi

‘A whole different lifestyle’

Obama Claims He Totally Wrote This 4,221-Word Fancy Medical Journal Article

Education | Eric Owens
Obama golf Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

‘The president was held to the same editorial standards that we would hold any author to’

Nation's Leading Science Group Buries Anti-GMO Conspiracies

US | Guy Bentley
GMO food (Credit: Shutterstock/Carlos Amarillo)

Scientists give green light to GMOs

Armed With Lobbyists And LOTS Of Cash, Largest Professions Influence Washington

Politics | Kathryn Watson
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C, bottom) speaks on stage after receiving the ABA Medal at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in San Francisco, California August 12, 2013. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Doctors, lawyers, realtors and accountants flood Washington with lobbyists and cash

FDA Intends To Allow Gay Men To Donate Blood

US | Jonah Bennett

‘We have the ability to help save lives’

American Medical Association: Obamacare sticks doctors with unpaid bills

Daily Caller News Foundation | Sarah Hurtubise

‘The physician is having to assume the financial risk for this’

Medicare's doc fix insanity

Opinion | John R. Graham

The price-fixing and legislative patches are an open door for cronyism.

Obama answers American Medical Association's gun control request

Politics | Patrick Howley
Obama AMA

The AMA contributed $16,000 to Obama

Medical organizations invoke Newtown to request more funding from Obama

Politics | Patrick Howley

The American Medical Association contributed more than $16,000 to Obama’s re-election campaign

Ryan plan is good deal for Medicare beneficiaries

Opinion | Donald J. Palmisano, William G. Plested II & Daniel H. Johnson, Jr.

Ryan plan is a great start. Here are four ideas that would make it even better.

Doctors react to Obama prescription drug initiative - TheDC

US | Kelsey Sheehy

Some pain specialists say the plan – like the drugs it targets – fails to address the real issue

Bipartisan Senate duo wants Medicare to make payments to doctors public - The Hill

Politics | interns

Sens. Ron Wyden and Chuck Grassley are collaborating on legislation to make Medicare payments public

Elusive Medicare database documents fraud, waste - WSJ

US | interns

The American public is barred from examining in detail how Medicare spends roughly an eighth of its funds, about $62.5 billion in 2009

A twenty-first-century GOP

Feature:Opinion | Tevi Troy

Republicans need to win back tech-savvy, educated voters. Here’s how they can do it.

The Kagan moral train wreck

Opinion | Robert Knight

As we watch in disbelief, the United States Senate is about to take the Fifth on a Supreme Court nominee who has no business being near a courtroom except as a defendant

Study: Many docs don't blow whistle on colleagues - Arizona Daily Star

US | interns

Journal of the American Medical Association reports that one third of those doctors with personal knowledge of an impaired or incompetent physician in their workplaces had not reported the matter to authorities such as hospital officials or state medical boards

AMA: Shackling female inmates during labor should be banned - ABC News

US | Jeff Winkler (admin)

The AMA’s resolution calls on the doctors’ group to write draft legislation that states could use as a model to pass their own antishackling laws

Pharmaceutical profit, big government and bias

Opinion | Dr. Steven Joyal

Career bureaucrats and pharmaceutical industry insiders appear quite content to use an old trick to further their agenda against dietary supplements

Organization to censure doctors who partake in lethal injections - The Washington Post

| Pat McMahon

A national physicians organization is threatening to sanction members who participate in carrying out lethal injections for convicted criminals

Speaking of reform: ‘Not every ailment demands Dr. McDreamy’

| Mike Riggs
More evidence that the AMA and the ADA are lying to consumers