CNN Commentators Fight Over Trump And The NFL

Media | Nick Givas

‘You’re a fraud and a fake’

CNN's Ana Navarro: Bob Corker Can 'Say Whatever The Hell He Wants'

Media | Justin Caruso

‘He can do whatever the hell he wants’

CNN's Ana Navarro: Trump Needs To 'Shut Up'!

Media | Justin Caruso

‘And the reason he’s got to shut up is…’

CNN's Ana Navarro: 'HOW DARE' Trump Criticize PR Leadership

Media | Justin Caruso

‘while sitting at his golf course!’

CNN's Navarro Spreads Some Fake News

Media | Peter Hasson
Ana Navarro (Screenshot/CNN)

It’s just fake

CNN’s Ana Navarro Threatens To Have A ‘Puerto Rican Moment’ On TV

Media | Justin Caruso

‘Lame, pathetic, excuse for a President’

Afternoon Mirror: Hate Mail Galore

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

CNN's Ana Navarro: 'JERK' Trump 'Drives Me Crazy' With Tweets

Politics | Justin Caruso

‘We cannot normalize this kind of behavior…’

Dream Come True -- CNN’s Ana Navarro GUSHES Over Trump’s Amnesty Flip

Politics | Justin Caruso
Ana Navarro (Screenshot/CNN)

‘I wholeheartedly agree with a Trump tweet’

CNN Commentators Clash Over Trump's Phoenix Rally

Politics | Nick Givas

‘You have to talk differently when you actually are the President of the United States’

CNN's Ana Navarro Doubles Down On Trump Mental Illness Comments

Politics | Nick Givas

‘The biggest jerk we’ve seen in the world’

CNN Commentators Argue Over Whether Or Not Trump Has Dementia

Politics | Nick Givas

‘That is not sane behavior’