Andrea Mitchell Calls Bill Clinton's Rape Accuser 'Discredited'

Elections | Chuck Ross

But Mitchell sought out interview with accuser in January

Sanders Loses It: Tells Andrea Mitchell Don't 'Moan' About Clinton's Problems

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Oh really? Really? Andrea’

Haggard Hillary: 'I Have Absolutely No Personal Feeling Of Concern About Me'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘It’s gotten increasingly challenging for Democrats to be successful.’

Carson On GOP Delegate Rules: Jim Crow Laws Weren't Right Either

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I’m not saying this is the same but you know, I think you get the point’

Do Not Close The Book On Carly Fiorina

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Carly Fiorina on Fox News Sunday (Screen shot Fox)

She’s what Americans are looking for in their next president after eight years of frustration and disappointment.

Bernie Sanders Comments About Bill Clinton's Bad Behavior, Gets Scolded By NBC Reporter

Elections | Chuck Ross

Reporter fails to ask Hillary about accusations against Bill

NBC's Mitchell: If The Clintons Call Trump Sexist, 'They Lose'

Elections | Steve Guest

Trump has ‘a much bigger megaphone than the Clintons’

MSNBC Blows Chance To Ask Bill Clinton The Question On Everyone's Mind

Elections | Christian Datoc

Softer than baby food

NBC's Mitchell: France Trusts Putin MORE Than NATO

Video | Steve Guest

‘NATO has been asleep’

Wasserman Schultz Attacks MSNBC Host For Asking About Clinton's Marine Corps Story

Politics | Steve Guest

‘I just find it really unreasonable, Andrea’

Mother Of Benghazi Victim Blasts State Department: 'They Sacrificed' My Son

US | Steve Guest

‘I want to know why. Why wasn’t there any help?’

NBC's Chuck Todd: Hillary's 'Interventionist Instinct In Libya' Is Going To Hurt Her

Elections | Steve Guest

Clinton’s record is ‘going to be difficult for her to defend’

Democratic Senator: 'The U.S. Doesn't Have A Policy For What's Going On In Syria'

Video | Steve Guest

Russian involvement is a ‘strategic catastrophe’

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Criticizes Hillary Clinton For Her Private Server

Politics | Steve Guest

‘Isn’t this a self-inflicted wound?’

Planned Parenthood President: 'This Is All About Denying Women Access To Birth Control'

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘There were no laws broken. We have the highest medical and ethical standards.’

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary's Private Server Was Used To 'Thwart' Inquiries

Politics | Chuck Ross
"Nobody can give an explanation"