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The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Reporters Keep Giving Viewers Reasons To Hate Them

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Liberal media deliberately smears Trump on immigrant comments. Plus, FBI narrative blown up?

Here's Andrea Mitchell, NBC's Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Getting A Basic Fact About France VERY Wrong

Politics | Christian Datoc
... wow

Andrea Mitchell Baits Sec. Baker Into Attacking Trump -- He Gives Her A History Lesson Instead

Media | Amber Athey

Andrea Mitchell And John Podesta Join Forces To Whine About Email Leaks

Media | Amber Athey

No Bias Here -- Dem Congressman Thanks Andrea Mitchell For Advice On How To Save McCabe's Pension

Media | Amber Athey
'It was your tweet that started all of this'

Biden Attacks Trump For Comments About 'Groping Women' -- Gets BLOWN OUT With His Own Touchy History

Politics | Justin Caruso

Andrea Mitchell's Softball Interview With Joe Biden Was A Thinly-Veiled Trump Bash-Fest

Media | Amber Athey

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Implies Roy Moore Defends Slavery

Media | Justin Caruso
'A defense of slavery'

Andrea Mitchell Parrots Talking Point That Trump's Israel Move Was For Alabama Christians

Media | Julia Nista
'Wanted to get this out'

Trump Accused The Media Of Ignoring The Clinton Uranium Story And Andrea Mitchell's Defense Is Pathetic

Media | Amber Athey

Andrea Mitchell Is A Big Fan Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus But Can't Pronounce Her Name

Media | Amber Athey

Roger Ailes Stirs Up Trouble From The Grave

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
The Emmys honored him and some observers freaked out.

MSNBC Has No Shame--Uses 9/11 As Excuse To Go After Trump

Politics | Amber Athey

Democratic Sen Calls Trump 'Presidential' Following Latest Charlottesville Remarks

Politics | Nick Givas
'I think it's important'

Feinstein: 'There Is No Military Solution' For North Korea

Politics | Nick Givas
'War would mean the death of hundreds of thousands'

Morning Mirror: A ‘Happy’ And ‘Polite’ David Gregory Spotted At Dulles Airport

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Andrea Mitchell Pushes Pro-Cuba Narrative Ahead Of Trump Policy Change

US | Amber Athey
'Cooperation is at risk'

MSNBC's Impeachment Question Was Too Crazy Even For Nancy Pelosi

Politics | Nick Givas
'Something's wrong with this picture'

Tom Price Finally Addressed The 'White Men' Health Care Criticism

Politics | Amber Athey

Andrea Mitchell Goes Full SJW

Politics | Christian Datoc
'With all due respect...'

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