Andrea Mitchell: Saudi Snub 'So In Your Face,' 'I Don't See Any Way' White House 'Can Spin It'

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‘It’s embarrassing to Kerry. It’s embarrassing to the White House.’

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary 'Just Inviting Media Criticism' With Controlled Media Operation

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andrea mitchell

She still hasn’t given an interview…

MSNBC Host: Bill Clinton Was 'Lashing Out' In NBC Interview

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‘Her husband did not do her any favors with that interview…’

MSNBC Host: 'Everybody In The Media' Being 'Used' By Hillary

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‘It’s a deliberate, very well-orchestrated attempt’

No, Andrea Mitchell. Joaquin Castro Is Not Cuban

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‘Well, I’m Mexican-American …’

MSNBC Host: 'The Iranians Are Running Circles Around The Americans'

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‘They are setting the expectations’

Former Obama Defense Secretary: 'The Iranians Can't Be Trusted'

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‘The whole world will be looking’

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell To Netanyahu: 'Why Should President Obama Trust You?'

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‘Has he called yet to congratulate you?’

Democratic Sen. Boxer: 'I Assume' Hillary Used Private Email While In Senate

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‘We have our own private emails’

Travel Bitches: MSNBC' Reporter Complains That A Delayed Acela Destroyed His TV Hit

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Watch out Amtrak, annoyed journalists are loud

'This Is Never Going To End!' Carville Invokes Benghazi, Whitewater To Defend Hillary

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‘We’ve lived with this for 20 years’

Andrea Mitchell: Obama's Terror Summit 'A Dog And Pony Show'

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The White House won’t like this

MSNBC Host Fed Up With Obama: 'You Don't Lean Over Backwards'

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‘You have to deal with the issue that’s in front of you’

Andrea Mitchell Frets: 'Have We Put Too Much Pressure On Putin?'

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‘Should we be instead considering… overtures to Putin?’

MSNBC Host To French Ambassador: Why Are 'Provocative' Anti-Muslim Cartoons Permitted?

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‘This is a debate we’re having in the United States as well…’

Rep. Lewis: 'People Want To Gut The Voting Rights Act'

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Those unnamed people want to ‘take us back to another period’