Phil Johnson Is Trump's Best Bet To Lead Patent Office, Protect Intellectual Property

Opinion | Andrew Langer
A law book with a gavel - Patent law. [Shutterstock - Zerbor]

Johnson knows that our nation’s brightest minds should be rewarded for creating the ideas that make for a better life.

Will Kevin Brady Punish Investors With Tax "Reform?"

Opinion | Andrew Langer

Ending carried interest is ‘nothing short of a massive tax increase that would damage the economy’ and private investment.

How The Durbin Amendment Costs Consumers Billions

Opinion | Andrew Langer

Dodd-Frank should be reformed to cut through strangulating red tape.

Now Is The Time To Protect Americans' Privacy Abroad

Opinion | Andrew Langer
A lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Internet Explorer browser in a photo illustration in Paris in this April 15, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Mal Langsdon/Files

Congress just needs to take the next step and pass ICPA.

Rethinking #NeverTrump: How A Trump Presidency Could Result In Limited Executive Power

Opinion | Jerry Rogers and Andrew Langer
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Hershey, Pennsylvania, U.S. November 4, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

One has to recognize that this would be done in spite of the president — most likely without his support.