Judge Napolitano: 'FB Can Do Whatever They Want, But Censorship Is A Very Dangerous Business'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Once we get into the censorship business it will just keep getting worse’

Judge Napolitano Doubles Down On First Amendment: You Have Right To Say 'Whatever You Want'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘The best remedy for hateful speech is not to suppress, it but to rebut it’

Judge Napolitano: First Amendment Protects Hate Speech [VIDEO]

Politics | Nick Givas

‘It protects the speech we hate and fear’

Judge Nap Lays It All Out: If THIS Happens, Susan Rice Is Goin' To Jail

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘There’s two potential crimes…’

People Are Saying Judge Napolitano Was On SCOTUS List

Politics | Kevin Daley
Judge Andrew Napolitano speaks on Fox News. Credit: YouTube screengrab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlBPEpRD4jU

‘Trump said I’m on the list’

'Think About This, If You're Barack Obama...' -- Judge Napolitano Shines A Light On Wiretapping

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Are you going to bother to get a warrant?’

Discussion Of 'Deep State' Throws Fox Business Panel Off The Rails

Politics | Ian Mason

‘I think we can expect more of this from different bits of the government and he’s got to fight back hard.’

Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders

Politics | Michael Bastasch

He’ll issue ‘four to five’ on Friday

Judge Napolitano Drops A Bomb: U.S. Intel Was Behind Hacks -- Not Russia

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘Whose agents had their real identities and locations exposed?’

Napolitano: 'Overwhelming' Evidence Of Public Corruption In Clinton Foundation

Politics | Steve Guest

Hillary used her authority as secretary of state ‘to benefit her husband and her husband’s foundation’

Napolitano: This Is How The DNC Would Be Forced To Remove Hillary From The Ticket

Elections | Steve Guest

Hillary ‘hides the truth and she gets caught and she continues to lie, lying about lying, and lying on top of lies’