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DAFFY DUCKS: Birds Of A Feather Rampage Together

These ducks are quacks!

This Lion Tiger And Bear Are BESTIES

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.39.50 PM

‘They’re not even from the same country, and they love each other.’

ZONKERS! Another zonkey is here

Gotta give the mom and pop props for this one

Texas couple thinks they captured the chupacabra, then puts it down


PETA forced them to kill their new pet

These 11 animals are not humans, but they think they are

Cats can’t read!

Penguins on parade


A Christmas parade like no other

160 sheep stolen from Wool, UK


Authorities are telling people to be wary of those selling cheap sheep

Forbidden love: zebra + donkey = zonkey [PHOTOS]

zonkey. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Tiziana Fabi

A rare animal appears at a Florence animal shelter

Is this the most adorable flash mob robbery ever?

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 2.22.25 PM

Who doesn’t love ducks?

9 real animals (that should only exist in nightmares)

Nature is beautiful, except when it’s terrifying

This is the ugliest animal in the world


The blobfish takes the coveted title of world’s ugliest animal

'ONE POKE' ... Sen. Brian Schatz involved in simulated sheep rape rituals


Hawaii Democrat Schatz’s fraternity ordered pledges to ‘give sheep one poke’

Fiendish Flipper: Dolphins will rape and kill you [VIDEO]

These aren’t the cuddly sea mammals we’re led to believe they are

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

Deer in a field. Jeff Gross/Getty Images.

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

Kate Upton with baby animals is the best way to fight off your case of the Mondays [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton (Photo: Harper's Bazaar)

Everyone’s two favorite things combined could blow the Internet’s mind

Top 11: Oddest collective nouns for groups of animals [SLIDESHOW]

Do you know what a group of pugs is called? How about a gang of jellyfish?

Holy Shet: an invasion of Shetland ponies [SLIDESHOW]

Welcome to the next big Internet sensation since the cat slideshow

15 adorable animals just hanging out with their mini-me's [SLIDESHOW]

The only thing cuter than an adorable animal is an adorable animal hanging out with a miniature version of itself