Georgia Man Arrested For Having Sex With Goat

US | Kerry Picket

‘…single greatest predictor of people who will molest children’

Patriots Fans: Get Ready To Go Bananas!

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‘When in doubt, ask an orangutan!’

Dog Eats Spoon-Fed Yogurt

Entertainment | Ben Smith

‘The most adorable thing’

Wild Animals GONE WILD: Two Vicious Attacks In The Northeast

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One student left dead

DAFFY DUCKS: Birds Of A Feather Rampage Together

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These ducks are quacks!

This Lion Tiger And Bear Are BESTIES

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘They’re not even from the same country, and they love each other.’

ZONKERS! Another zonkey is here

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Gotta give the mom and pop props for this one

Texas couple thinks they captured the chupacabra, then puts it down

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PETA forced them to kill their new pet

These 11 animals are not humans, but they think they are

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Cats can’t read!

Penguins on parade

| Alexis Levinson

A Christmas parade like no other

160 sheep stolen from Wool, UK

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Authorities are telling people to be wary of those selling cheap sheep

Forbidden love: zebra + donkey = zonkey [PHOTOS]

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A rare animal appears at a Florence animal shelter

Is this the most adorable flash mob robbery ever?

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Who doesn’t love ducks?

9 real animals (that should only exist in nightmares)

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Nature is beautiful, except when it’s terrifying

This is the ugliest animal in the world

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The blobfish takes the coveted title of world’s ugliest animal

'ONE POKE' ... Sen. Brian Schatz involved in simulated sheep rape rituals

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Hawaii Democrat Schatz’s fraternity ordered pledges to ‘give sheep one poke’

Fiendish Flipper: Dolphins will rape and kill you [VIDEO]

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These aren’t the cuddly sea mammals we’re led to believe they are

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

US | Nicole Lafond
Deer in a field. Jeff Gross/Getty Images.

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren