Media Matters Smears Ann Romney About Her MS, Says She's 'Got It Great'

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Media Matters Logo

Activist group belittles multiple sclerosis sufferers who have money

Jeb Bush's Campaign Is In A Lot More Trouble Than They're Letting On

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush addresses the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington

Where’s the money?

'Dear Ann:' Mitt Romney Writes Emotional Love Letter To Wife

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‘We could handle anything’

Ann Romney: Mitt Won't Run in 2016

Politics | Al Weaver

‘We’ve had our turn’

Will Paul Ryan Step Aside For Possible Romney 2016 Run?

Politics | Al Weaver

‘I would like to see him run again’

Will Mitt Run Again In 2016? 'We Will See' Says Ann Romney

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Third time the charm?

Michigan State prof's first-day rant: 'old,' 'cheap' Republicans 'raped' country [VIDEO]

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The guy can’t stand Ann Romney, either

Ann Romney turns down 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Spokesman: ‘Ann Romney was approached, but she declined’


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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney take the stage at a Virginia campaign rally, Nov. 5, 2012, at The Patriot Center, George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Charles Dharapak/AP Photo.

As campaign enters final day, the Romneys rally supporters in Virginia

Political Face/Off: Which politicians have had -- or could use -- some plastic surgery? [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Who has had work done, who should have it done, and who badly needs to go under the knife

First lady fashion face-off, debate edition: Michelle v. Ann [PHOTOS] - TheDC

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Michelle Obama and Ann Romney final presidential debate

Which potential first lady sartorially rocked the final presidential debate?

Whoopi Goldberg blows it on Mormonism and military service [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Ann Romney informs ‘The View’ co-host that Mormons do serve in the military

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' asks who won 'First Lady debate,' people answer [VIDEO]

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Ann Romney and Michelle Obama

‘Michelle, because I love her’

Michelle Obama, Ann Romney commit unfathomable fashion faux pas [PHOTOS] - TheDC

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Both potential first ladies wore the same color to second presidential debate

Ann Romney to co-host 'Good Morning America' - TheDC

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Show set to air on Oct. 10

Ann Romney talks about her husband's soft side - TheDC

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Ann Romney 2012

‘Mitt made it a point to befriend this 14-year-old boy’ who was dying of cancer

Ann Romney talks love at first sight with Jay Leno [VIDEO] - TheDC

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The potential first lady talked Mitt’s dancing skills and what it would mean to have a Mormon president on ‘The Tonight Show’

First lady face-off: Michelle's v. Ann's convention style [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Michelle went with more modern styles and unique prints, while Ann stuck with traditional cuts and bright colors

Did Ann Romney snub Vogue magazine? - TheDC

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The potential first lady reportedly declined to be interviewed in the high-fashion magazine, run by big-time Obama supporter Anna Wintour

Ann Romney stole the show

Editorial | Larry Kudlow

Chris Christie also delivered an excellent address.