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NAACP Wants Newly Authorized AR-15 Rifles Straight Outta Compton Schools

In nearby Los Angeles, campus cops can already tote the weapons

Pistol No Match For AR-15 In Home Invasion Defense

Customers look over the last two AR-15 style rifles for sale inside the Bullet Hole gun shop in Sarasota

‘Best BELIEVE I will be on front pew on Sunday!’

Feinstein pushes for semi-automatic rifle import ban based on 45-year-old law

Feinstein Assault Weapon Display

Claims firearm importers evade existing ban

Who made my AR?


Only Colt makes M4s, and only Colt can call an Armalite-designed, direct-gas impingement rifle an AR-15

Interview with a SWAT officer and the subject is…Assault Weapons


AR-15 laws do not bother criminals, but they do make criminals out of law abiding gun owners

Opinion: Semi-automatic rifles “You say want, I say need”

Comm_Social_Johnson_Need_resize (1)

Rifle restrictions, we just don’t need them

Media Watch: Not quite all “The Facts” about the AR-15 - NRA - ILA

Gun Control Congress

Media sets sights on AR-15s after Los Angeles airport incident

The 30-second AR-15 dependability checklist - Gun Digest


Four steps to check your AR-15

3 AR-style rifles ready for 3-gun - Gun Digest


Insanely accurate ARs for competition, target, two and four legged varmints

The Bushmaster .308 Hunter - GUNS Magazine

Stan Jarosz confirming zero from 300 yards. We had a near-ideal
shooting day with winds variable at less than 10 miles per hour.

Step aside 5.56mm and let the big guns come in

Gun Test: DPMS Panther LR-204 - Shooting Illustrated


” I would have doubted his 542-yard, longest-hit claim”

SHOT Show management drop Reed Exhibitions over firearms conflict - National Shooting Sports Foundation


“In conflict with NSSF’s mission to serve the shooting sports industry”

Why can’t I find an AR? - American Rifleman


“No AR company in the United States makes 100 percent of its parts”

No one needs an AK-47 either - Jorge Amselle


“ask Rosa Parks why she needed to sit in the front of the bus”

Senator Cornyn: Assault weapons ban ‘symbolism over substance’ - Office of Senator John Cornyn


“So, are we really going to pass another law that will have zero effect”

Gun of the week: ADCOR B.E.A.R. - American Rifleman


“A new evolution of Eugene Stoner’s design”

Giving credit where it is due, local news reports AR-15 correctly [VIDEO] - National Shooting Sports Foundation


A fact-filled video report aired this week by Connecticut’s WTNH Channel 8

Biden advises concerned moms to 'buy a shotgun' [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘Kate, if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun’

Turnbull Introduces TAR-15 Semi-Auto Rifle - Turnbull Mfg

TAR15 RightW

American black walnut and case hardened steel, nice

NRA president explains why 'the AR-15 is the musket of today' [VIDEO]


‘This nation was founded as a result of the fact that people, citizens, who had a musket above the fireplace,’