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Was Trump's Warning To 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un Out Of Line?

World | Ryan Pickrell
Not that shocking

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Obama Official Brad Carson Comment On Transgender Ban

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'To choose service members on other grounds than military qualifications is social policy'

NYT Blames Obama Officials For Foiled Attack On ISIS Leader

Politics | Peter Hasson
Obama officials shared 'confidential intelligence assessments' with the NYT

Ex-Defense Secretary: Obama Dropped The Ball On Russia

Politics | Ted Goodman
'It's quite clear that that was not sufficient'

Trans Women Soldiers Don't Have To Undergo Gender Surgery To Shower With Females

US | Jonah Bennett
'Transgender Soldiers are not required or expected to modify or adjust their behavior'

Here's What The Military Thinks About Obama Freeing Chelsea Manning

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Obama has never really gotten along with his secretaries of defense

Outgoing Army Sec Says Being Gay Motivated Him To Make Army More Inclusive

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Will progressive policies continue? It's hard to tell.

Trump Is Inheriting Obama's Military, And His Legacy Of Unparalleled Social Change

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Radical social policy changes have turned 'sound military priorities upside down'

Defense Secretary Ash Carter Applauds Social Reform Policies In Final Memo To Obama

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'As an All-Volunteer Force, DoD must be able to draw from 100 percent of America’s population'

Obama To Double US Troops In Syria After ISIS Goes Back On The Offensive

World | Russ Read
Will the new troops help bring an end to the terror group?

Congress To Investigate Alleged $125 Billion Of Waste By Pentagon

National Security | Russ Read
DoD accused of failing to save taxpayer money

Marine Corps Is Ready To Give Trump Its Recommendations On Women In Combat

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'If we’re asked what our best military advice is on that, we’ll make that known at that time'

White House, Pentagon Announce Support For Making Women Sign Up For Draft

Politics | Jonah Bennett
It's going to be an intense fight

Congress Abandons Plans To Force Women To Sign Up For The Draft

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'This is a victory for common sense'

Cyber Experts Can Hack The Pentagon Legally, With Some Exceptions

National Security | Russ Read
The program is the latest in Carter's effort to partner with the private sector

Congress Demands Obama's Intel Chief Explain Call To Fire His Potential Trump Replacement

Defense | Russ Read
Secretary of Defense Carter and Director of Intelligence James Clapper called for the ousting of Adm. Michael Rogers

Retired Mil Officers Urge Trump Not To Reverse Progressive Military Policies Under Obama Admin

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'Women and LGBT service members'

SecDef Reaffirms Commitment To Women In Combat As Trump Admin Looms

National Security | Jonah Bennett
'Females are half of our population'

Pentagon Relaxing Recruiting Standards For Potheads, Fat People

World | Saagar Enjeti
'A big can of worms'

Vet Affairs Chair: DOD Bonus Recollection Freeze 'Ham-Handed' Attempt To Dodge Scrutiny

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'Ham-handed attempt to shift the focus away from the Obama administration’s shameful treatment of service members'

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