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McConnell lashes out over 'bugging' of headquarters

Mitch McConnell

Senate GOP leader: ‘That’s what the political left does these days’

McConnell staff decries Mother Jones' secret recording of campaign meeting

McConnell Campaign

‘We’ve always said the left will stop at nothing to attack Sen. McConnell’

Why is Ashley Judd campaigning everywhere but Kentucky?

Ashley Judd

Republicans in the state are already hitting her over the issue

Ashley Judd suggests puzzling location for campaign headquarters

Ashley Judd

Actress says she’d run from her mother’s garage — which is in Tennessee

From jaunts to Scotland to crying at trees, Judd's memoir provides fodder for critics

Ashley Judd

Judd has said it’s ‘unconscionable to breed’

In 2010, Ashley Judd accused Apple customers of ‘financing mass rape’

Ashley Judd

Judd wrote the piece while visiting the Congo in August 2010

With family like the Judds, who needs political enemies?

Ashley Judd

Famed family’s feuds could hurt movie star’s potential senate run

Yet another obstacle to Ashley Judd Senate run emerges

Ashley Judd

‘From a Christian perspective, Tolle misquotes the Bible’

Is this the most damaging fact about Ashley Judd's past?

Ashley Judd

This little-known fact could hurt any chance she may have at a US Senate seat

Ashley Judd, potential U.S. Senate candidate, sure has done a lot of on-screen nudity

Ashley Judd topless in "Norma Jean and Marilyn"

Don’t believe us? Ask

Virginia-based website airbrushes rambling Ashley Judd speech overnight


Politico airbrushes rambling Ashley Judd speech overnight

Ashley Judd mum about Senate run, past comments during DC appearance

Ashley Judd

‘Is there an elephant in the room?’

Citing baggage, Kentucky politicians not enthusiastic about Ashley Judd campaign

Ashley Judd

‘I think McConnell would like to see her in the race, because she’s got a lot of defects’

In memoir, Ashley Judd said it was ‘selfish’ for people to procreate

Ashley Judd

Possible McConnell challenger says belief is ‘a big part of who I am’

Ashley Judd's biggest political obstacle: Her history of bizarre comments

Ashley Judd at a football game. AP/David J. Phillip.

She has even compared Mountaintop Removal to the Rwandan genocide

Ashley Judd tests political waters with speech about women's reproductive health

Ashley Judd at a football game. AP/David J. Phillip.

Kentucky actress rumored to be gearing up for senate run against Republican Mitch McConnell

Rand Paul on Ashley Judd Senate run: 'She is way damn too liberal' [AUDIO]


‘I heard she lived in Scotland. I thought she was running for Parliament’

Ashley Judd's grandma happy with McConnell, despite actress' potential bid - TheDC

Ashley Judd

‘I think Mitch has done more for Ashland than anybody else’

Ashley Judd may run for Senate in 2014 - TheDC

Ashley Judd Coal Mining

The actress, raised in Kentucky, is ‘honored by the consideration’

Ashley Judd: Obama 'has an incredible devotion to our Constitution' - TheDC

Actress heaps praise on Obama, Biden for gay marriage stand