BILL-BORED: Get Ready For Atheists' Annual Use Of Christmas To Attempt Relevancy

op-ed | Alex McFarland
nativity scene abstract Shutterstock/Thoom

Rejoice! It’s the season when atheists think about the birth of Jesus Christ all the time

Understanding The Federal Court-Assisted Suicide Of Our Self-Government

op-ed | Alan Keyes
RIP tombstone Shutterstock/Lane V Erickson

Bigoted individuals must not take away the way of life our exercise of rightful liberty secures

Sad, Lonely Atheists Fill Meaningless Days By Campaigning Against Prayer

US | Eric Owens
black hole space cosmic nothingess Shutterstock/muratart

‘There is no evidence that intercessory prayer has any effect on earthly events’

Atheists Call New Obamacare Religious Exemption A 'Burden To Religious Freedom'

Politics | Eric Owens
Bible on USA flag Shutterstock/Mark Hayes

Religious freedom is bad because some people might not get free birth control

Atheist Group To Knoxville: Withdraw From Christian Youth Sports Complex

US | Mary Lou Lang
Children being read to in a library (Photo via Shutterstock)

‘There are organizations available to partner for such ventures that do not seek to impose their beliefs’

Atheists Lament Trump's Supreme Court Pick As They Stare Into Desolate Cosmic Abyss

Politics | Eric Owens
Reuters/Joshua Roberts, Shutterstock/njaj

‘A disturbing preference for religion’