Producer promises 'much richer production' for 'Atlas Shrugged: Part II' - TheDCNF

Entertainment | Robby Soave

‘It’s about creating a cinematic celebration of Ayn Rand’s ideas’

'Atlas Shrugged Part 2' timed to hit screens before presidential election - THR

Entertainment | taylorbigler

The story has been especially embraced by conservatives and Tea Partiers

My generation's fight for freedom won't be in a foreign land

Editorial | Cliff Sims

It will be right here at home.

Why don't conservatives support conservative films?

op-ed | Christian Toto

Until they do, studios won’t want to produce right-of-center content.

Atlas Shrugged film series may go uncompleted due to financier-producer 'strike' - TheDC

Entertainment | Steven Nelson

Poor ratings are prompting John Aglialoro to consider not producing the next two installments

TheDC on TV: Amanda Carey discusses Ayn Rand with Thom Hartmann - TheDC

Video | Steven Nelson (admin)

Hartmann and Carey engage in a spirited discussion on the merits of Ayn Rand’s theories

‘Atlas Shrugged’ producer fires back at Roger Ebert; ‘left-leaning liberal critics’ who panned film

| Matt K. Lewis

‘Atlas Shrugged’ producer fires back at Roger Ebert; ‘left-leaning liberal critics’ who panned film

For FreedomWorks, Atlas is already Shrugging - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Winkler

In a quick video, FreedomWorks does a handy job of blending fact and fiction

Did Obama ignite Wyatt's Torch?

Editorial | Rick Manning

At some point, high-wage earners will respond to unfair tax policies just as Ellis Wyatt did in Atlas Shrugged.

Are you a producer or a moocher?

Opinion | Marsha Enright and Gen LaGreca

See the new “Atlas Shrugged” movie and choose sides.

Why you should see the 'Atlas Shrugged' movie

Opinion | Ron Hart

America is on the brink of losing the freedoms that make it great.

Why the new 'Atlas Shrugged' movie could become a cult classic

Opinion | Brian Calle

The world depicted in the movie is eerily similar to our own.

Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged: Part 1

Opinion | Bedford

Yesterday, I caught an early viewing of Atlas Shrugged: Part 1. I was impressed.

'Atlas Shrugged'... the movie - TheDC

Entertainment | Amanda Carey

After 15 years and $20 million, John Aglialoro has finally adapted Ayn Rand’s classic novel for the big screen

Part 3 of Atlas Shrugged trilogy to be a musical? - TheDC

Entertainment | Amanda Carey

In an interview with The Daily Caller, producer John Aglialoro said he wants to shock audiences

'World premiere' of Atlas Shrugged movie trailer planned for CPAC - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

FreedomWorks will host the world premier of the trailer for the film adaption of Atlas Shrugged at the Conservative Political Action Conference

Man drives 12k miles to say three words - Wired

Tech | interns

His message for the world is visible via Google Earth

Atlas Shrugged's timeless moral - Investors Business Daily

Business | interns

Ayn Rand’s novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’: profit-making is virtue, not vice

Whittaker Chambers, God, and Glenn Beck

Editorial | Mark Judge

We need to remember visionaries like Chambers not only for the struggle against the expanding State, but against the notion that free markets, low taxes, technology and no safety net will bring ultimate happiness