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Teen goes on drunken chainsaw rampage with a flowerpot on his head

Chainsaw Robbery

Oh, and he also mooned store attendants

Stay in school ... or you will get blown up

Graphic ad shows what happens when you blow off school

10 beautiful places where you would rather be right now


From Hawaii to Thailand

UK gov't slashes global warming spending by 41 percent

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron addresses a news conference at the end of a European Union leaders summit in Brussels

The latest to cut back

Aussie inflation rate hits new high under carbon tax

Australia's Prime Minister Abbott speaks during session of World Economic Forum in Davos

‘The inflation rate continues to be impacted by Labor’s carbon tax’

MAN VS. BEAST: Aussies prep for shark hunt

A Great White shark. Brandon Cole/Getty.

Conservationists sad

Australian government trying to ruin everyone's fun

An emu is pictured at its enclosure at the zoo in Duisburg

Apparently riding an Emu to work is FROWNED UPON IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT

What epidemic has hit Australia?


No, that’s not a winter wonderland

US to oppose UN climate 'reparations' proposal


‘This isn’t a productive avenue’

Hackers deface dozens of websites in Australia, Philippines

A child wears a paper mask depicting Guy Fawkes during a protest by Anonymous India against laws they say gives the government control over censorship of Internet usage in Mumbai

Hackers claiming links to international activist group Anonymous defaced dozens of websites belonging to Australian businesses and Philippine government agencies on Sunday.

'Socialism,' not 'environmentalism'

Australia Tony Abbott.JPEG

Aussie PM puts carbon tax on the barbie

Pig drinks 18 beers, attempts to fight cow before passing out

Rethinking Farm Animals.JPEG

Is Australia the new Florida for animals?

Carbon tax goes Down Under

Australia Gay Marriage.JPEG

US pols better run, they better take cover

Australians elect conservative leader amid boomerang attacks

Pet Kangaroo Oklahoma.JPEG

‘Never would’a happened if we hadn’t let the f**kin’ kangaroos vote’

'Breaking Bad' inspires inmates to adapt Walter White technique


And ruin 400 televisions in the process

Guess what tax is dragging Australia's economy down under

Australia Carbon Tax.JPEG

And they want to bring it here

Bowling with baseballs: Too crazy to be true?

Check out this amazing stunt

Aussies plan to ditch carbon tax

UN Climate Extremes.JPEG

After only one year, Australia plans to scrap its carbon tax and move to an emissions trading scheme in an attempt to bolster support for the Labor government ahead of November’s election.

Australian shopkeepers mistake 19-foot python for burglar

Australian Python Break-in

‘Its head was the size of a small dog’