Avalanche Kills Two Members Of US Ski Team

Sports | Christian Datoc
Ski Alpine Vonn Men's Challenge.JPEG

‘Our hearts go out to the Berlack and Astle families, as well as to their extended sport family.’

Facebook Faces European Class Action Lawsuit Over Privacy

Business | Kate Patrick
A Facebook logo on an Ipad is reflected among source code on the LCD screen of a computer in this photo illustration

Law student promises $671 to each user, begs U.S. and Canada to join lawsuit

Bolivians totally angry Europe grounded their president

World | Eva Cover
Evo Morales (United Nations Information Service Vienna/ Flickr)

Bolivians are outraged after airport authorities landed Bolivian President Evo Morales for almost 14 hours in Austria Tuesday

Bras from the Middle Ages found in Austrian castle - AP

Entertainment | InternAdmin
Austria Medieval Bra

Archaeologists didn’t know bra-like garments existed in the 15th century

Police: 5 suspected of stealing 9.5 tons of garlic - AP

World | InternAdmin

Police say the garlic apparently came from Spain and estimate its value at $37,500

115-year-old turtles divorce after 36 years of 'marriage' - TheDC

Entertainment | Gage Smith
Turtles divorce

The animal kingdom’s oldest married couple appears to have called it quits

Austrian village to change its f*cking name - TheDC

World | Alexa Fee
F*cking, Austria

Residents have complained that tourists have been stealing their street signs and prank calling them

Oil drops below $99 ahead of OPEC meeting - AP

Business | admin
OPEC Oil Demand.JPEG

A senior member of an OPEC delegation said oil ministers had agreed to keep present production at around 30 million barrels a day

'Pastafarian' claims pasta strainer as religious headgear - TheDC

World | Ameena Schelling
Strainer On Head

Austrian member of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster wins right to wear sieve in driver’s license photo

Rock and roll suicide: How Allan Bloom killed conservatism

Opinion | Mark Judge

By deriding rock music for being “masturbational,” Bloom did a disservice to conservatism.

Being Hitler - AP

World | admin

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler liked to have bread and marmalade for breakfast and was described as mild-mannered during personal exchanges

Austrian kidnap victim details ordeal in new book - AP

World | admin

Priklopil snatched Kampusch off a Vienna street on her way to school in 1998 and held her prisoner in a dungeon until she fled in August 2006

Alvin Greene hires extremists as campaign staff - Columbia Free-Press

Politics | Pat McMahon

The Warren Group has sued the CIA and the DOJ for allowing drugs into poor communities

U.N. overcrowded jails breeding AIDS - AP

World | admin

U.N. authority warned Friday the prevalence of HIV in prisons due to use of non-sterile equipment, sexual contacts, and sharing of objects among too many prisoners

Tinfoil Porsche runs on pedal power - Wired

Tech | interns

Austrian artist builds a replica Porsche that is powered by bicycle

A nation of immigrants

Opinion | Warren Coats

We will be the best only as long as our workers and entrepreneurs are the best trained, best equipped, and best incentivized to continually perfect processes and innovate. America is exceptional among nations in that it is almost totally a nation of immigrants

Vienna is number one - Guardian

| interns

The capitol of the former Holy Roman Empire retains some of its divinity, as it is rated the ‘highest quality of living’ in the world

Australia proposes banning fancy cigarette packaging - LA Times

Politics | interns

Measure for plain packages would be first of its kind in world

Solving Europe's problems - redraw the map - The Economist

World | interns

The Economist: ‘Rejigging the map of Europe would make life more logical and friendlier’