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WIKILEAKS Publishes 60,000 Emails From Shady Cyber-Intelligence Contractor HBGary

Tech | Christian Datoc

The U.S. makes political prisoners, time to make a new U.S.

Opinion | Mike Church
Where are the new Patrick Henrys and John Taylors?

Barrett Brown's mother on probation for hiding laptops from FBI

Tech | Josh Peterson
Brown has been imprisoned for over a year without trial

Cybersecyruty firm founder wants companies to be able to 'hack back' against hackers

Tech | Josh Peterson
'I do think eventually we need to enable corporations in this country to be able to fight back'

Julian Assange calls for release of Barrett Brown

US | Josh Peterson
Many journalists fear a conviction could spell a crippling blow to investigative journalism.

GAGGED: Imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown slapped with gag order

US | Brendan Bordelon
'Scary to anyone who ever links to anything'

DOJ indicts Reuters editor for conspiring with Anonymous hackers

Tech | Josh Peterson
The Justice Department announced the charges Thursday

Barrett Brown ruled mentally 'competent', pleads not guilty

Tech | Josh Peterson
Brown to stand trial in three federal criminal cases

Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown indicted for a third time by feds

Politics | Josh Peterson
The sometime public face of hacktivist group Anonymous, was indicted Wednesday

Anonymous declares cyberwar on Israel, targets conservative blog [VIDEO]

Politics | Josh Peterson
Not all sites targeted by the collective, however, are part of Israeli cyberspace

Anonymous activist Barrett Brown: 'Eric Holder is a f-cking monster' [VIDEO]

Politics | Josh Peterson
Brown emailed TheDC only several hours prior to the raid to draw attention to his most recent activities.

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