A Shocking Number Of People Don't Like Drinking Beer

US | David Hookstead
What is going on?

Check Out This World Cup Hero Who Is Going To Pound 32 Beers

Sports | David Hookstead
He's the hero we need

Today Is Officially The Start Of Summer. Here's Why It's A Great Time Of Year

Entertainment | David Hookstead
Let's go

FLASHBACK: Anthony Bourdain Had Some Outstanding Thoughts On Beer Snobs

Entertainment | David Hookstead
He's 100-percent correct

Fox Sports Pundit Has Laugh-Out-Loud View Of Football Fans In Wisconsin [VIDEO]

Sports | David Hookstead

Ontario Conservatives Want To Lower The Base Price Of Beer To $1 CAD A Bottle

World | David Krayden
‘For too long beer consumers have been forced to pay inflated prices...’

A Great Time To Raise A Glass Of Delicious Beer

op-ed | Craig Purser
It's Memorial Day weekend, America. Let's celebrate

Canadians Pay $16 More In Tax For Case Of Beer Than Americans: Conservative Leader

World | David Krayden
‘Thanks to TAXES, Canadians are paying $20 more for a case of beer.’

Smoke Room Hero Calls 911 Because She's All Out Of Beer

US | David Hookstead

Woman Tries To Chug A Beer On A Frozen Lake, It Goes Horribly Wrong

Entertainment | David Hookstead
This is an incredible video

Drinking Beer In Space Is Reportedly Extremely Challenging

World | David Hookstead
Why would anybody go to space?

Titans Offensive Line Chug Beers At Predators Game To Pump Crowd Up, And It Works

Sports | Mike Brest

Is It Anti-American To Hate Shower Beers?

Entertainment | David Hookstead
The decision is...

American Legend Steals Beer Truck Wearing American Flag Shorts

US | David Hookstead
God bless him

NCAA Will Allow Alcohol Sales At Championship Events - Winning!

Sports | David Hookstead
This is big

Bud Light's New Orange Beer Is Aimed At Millennial Drinkers

Business | Joseph Lafave
Will you be trying it?

Turns Out Your Beer Belly Could Just Be A Gigantic Tumor

US | David Hookstead

60,000 Pounds Of Beer Tragically Lost In Semi-Truck Crash

US | David Hookstead
We will endure

FACT CHECK: What Does Your Beer Can Have To Do With National Security?

Politics | Emily Larsen
Trump plans to tax aluminum at 10 percent

Study Suggests Drinking Alcohol Is Better For Living Longer Than Exercise

US | David Hookstead
Amazing results

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