Hillary Complains U.S. Politics Most 'Brutal' In The World

Politics | Chuck Ross

‘Politics is so unpredictable’

WikiLeaks: US worried over Pakistani nuke material - AP

Business | admin

Once-secret U.S. diplomatic memos reveal Western concerns that Islamist militants might get access to Pakistan’s nuclear material

US begins relief missions in Pakistan - AP

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U.S. Army choppers flew their first relief missions in Pakistan’s flood-ravaged northwest Thursday, airlifting hundreds of people to safety and distributing emergency aid

Pakistan: 25 bodies recovered from plane crash - AP

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A passenger jet carrying 152 people crashed into the hills surrounding Pakistan’s capital amid rain Wednesday

True democracy in Pakistan can prevent extremism

Opinion | Dr. Majjida Ahmed

On April 19, Pakistan’s president signed into law sweeping constitutional reforms that will strip him of many of his powers. It was a bold move aimed at restoring a healthy balance of power and thus strengthen the voice of the people through the elected National Assembly

PM Benazir Bhutto's security mishandled - CNN

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Pakistan’s military-led former government failed to protect former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto before her 2007 assassination and intelligence agencies hindered the subsequent investigation, a U.N. commission concluded in a report released Thursday

There is no Taliban

Feature:Opinion | Chet Nagle

The business of politicians is getting re-elected, and business is bad for President Obama and his cronies in congress. Failing domestic policies and two endless wars have White House and Pentagon spin doctors working overtime, especially on Afghanistan and recent ‘victories’ over the Taliban. But the inconvenient truth is that there is no Taliban, and the victories belong to Pakistan