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Gates Foundation Pushes Back On Report Saying $215 Million Education Investment Was A Flop

Education | Rob Shimshock
'We found very few instances of improvement'

Is Trump Pushing For Bill Gates To Be White House Science Advisor?

US | Eric Lieberman
Did he decline?

Must Be Nice -- Bill Gates Is So Flippin' Rich He Actually Says He Needs To Pay More Taxes

Media | Julia Nista
No joke

Bill Gates Has A Stark Warning For Silicon Valley: The Government Will CRUSH You

Tech | Eric Lieberman

Losing Billions Of Dollars In A Single Day Is Hard To Fathom For Anybody

US | David Hookstead

Wealthy Activists Rely On Fossil Fuels To Get To Macron's Climate Summit

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Carbon neutrality'

Black Friday Sales May Have Put This Big Wig Over The $100 Billion Net Worth Mark

Business | Eric Lieberman
Amazon can't stop growing

FACT CHECK: Are The 3 Richest Americans Wealthier Than The Bottom 50%?

Politics | David Sivak
'Sounds like that would be in the ballpark'

Bill Gates Bought Nearly 25,000 Acres To Build His Own City

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Transform a raw, blank slate'

Top Three Richest Big Wigs Wealthier Than Poorest Half Of America

Business | Eric Lieberman
'We're living better than Rockefeller'

Major US Foundations Gave MILLIONS To Islamic Groups With Ties To Terror

Politics | Peter Hasson
Follow the money...

Bill Gates Drops $1.7 Billion To Reform Public Schools

Education | Rob Shimshock
His faith in public schools seems to have shifted

Bill Gates Reassures America That Artificial Intelligence Is Nothing To 'Panic' About

Business | Eric Lieberman
'This is a case where Elon and I disagree'

The Amount Of Money Mark Zuckerberg Made Last Year Will Make You Sick

Business | Eric Lieberman
He made a billion alone on Monday...

Amazon Founder Surpasses Bill Gates As The World's Richest Man

US | Eric Lieberman
He might have made $800 million overnight

Warren Buffett Gives More Than $3 Billion To Various Charities

Business | George Congdon
Much of it to the Gates Foundation

Bill Gates' Message To Europe: Control Your Borders

World | Jake Rennie
Microsoft founder recommends that Europe pursue policy changes to combat migrant crisis.

Amazon Is Trying To Sell You Everything (Don't Let It)

Opinion | Roy Pierson
Amazon sells convenience, leaving scorched earth behind in the form of empty Main Street storefronts.

Steve Jobs Created The iPhone Because 'He Hated This Guy At Microsoft'

US | Eric Lieberman
'They're idiots'

Melinda Gates Gushes Over Her Son Being A Feminist

US | Eric Lieberman
'He's a great son and a great brother'

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