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Vote For Your Favorite Female Fox News Anchor

| Phillip Young
It's not as easy as you might think

'Prayers For Him And His Family' – Conservatives, Media World Reacts To Heartbreaking Krauthammer News

Media | Justin Caruso
'So sad to hear'

Former Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly Might Be Returning To Cable -- DETAILS HERE

Media | Justin Caruso
This could be huge.

What Bill O'Reilly Said About Jim Acosta At A Private Party With Sarah Sanders Has Media Moaning

Politics | Benny Johnson

Bill O’Reilly Has An Offer For Sarah Sanders -- It Will Make Conservatives CHEER

Media | Justin Caruso
What he said is so funny.

Bill O’Reilly Defends Kanye West From ‘American Stalinists’

Media | Justin Caruso
'Not out of control, I'm just not in they control'

Bill O'Reilly Has A Message For President Trump About Illegal Immigration

Media | Justin Caruso
Do you agree?

Jeffrey Lord Issues A Stark Warning On The Laura Ingraham Boycott

Investigative Group | Peter Hasson
'Now is the time to fight back'

O'Reilly: The Left Now Wants 'Whiteness Out Of Power'

Media | Justin Caruso
'So if you’re a white American...'

Murdoch: Fox News Sexual Harassment Cases Are Mostly 'Political'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Largely political because we are conservative'

O'Reilly Accuser Sues Because Bill Keeps Talking About Her

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Terrible light'

Bill O'Reilly: There Is 'Hysteria' Surrounding Sexual Misconduct

Media | Julia Nista
'It's conviction by headline'

Predators In The Workplace

Opinion | Conchita Sarnoff
The powerful protect the powerful and create the roadblocks to justice.

O'Reilly Claims Tape Exists Of Lawyer Offering Money To Woman To Accuse Trump Of Harassment

Media | Justin Caruso
Alleges offers of $200,000 for sexual harassment claims against Trump

Afternoon Mirror: ‘Morning Joe’ Attempts Self-Awareness

Media | Betsy Rothstein

Bill O'Reilly Says He's Done Nothing Wrong

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Nuthin' to see here, right?

Megyn Kelly Disputes O'Reilly's Denial Of NYT Story--'I Complained'

Media | Amber Athey

Trump Praises 'Free Press,' Immediately Condemns 'Fake News'

Politics | Jack Crowe
'A free press is vital'

Now Mama Allred Is Going After Harvey Weinstein

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
It's the least she can do.

Morning Mirror: Media Matters ‘Fellow’ Is Not A Stand-up Guy

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

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