James Carville: Obama 'Doesn't Really Care' What The American People Think

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘I think he thinks he’s done and is doing a good job and history will record him’

Tu Quoque: Why Dems Would Rather Talk About The Teabaggers Than Themselves

Opinion | Ben Sellers
U.S. President Barack Obama discusses his My Brother's Keeper initiative while at the Walker Jones Education Campus in Washington

Exploring the ‘you mad, bro?’ fallacy.

Megyn Kelly Blows Sandra Fluke's Arguments Away

Politics | Katie Frates

‘And Kathleen Sebelius’ minions in the basement don’t get to take away your rights from you’

Fox's Ed Henry: Obama Admin Has No Idea They're In Trouble With The American People

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

New poll on Obama leadership must be ‘a wakeup call’

Bill O'Reilly: Obama Guilty Of 'Enormous Dereliction Of Duty' Unless He Bombs Iraq

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘What’s wrong with destroying an al-Qaida army? Anywhere on Earth?’

Chicago Sun Times Columnist Is A Closed-Minded Jerk

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

“Maybe that’s why you’re at the Daily Caller and I’m at the Chicago Sun Times”

O'Reilly Pushes Mass Incarceration Of Americans As Solution To Crime

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘The more people you take off the streets, the less crime there is’

The Mirror Questionnaire with Mediaite's head honcho Andrew Kirell

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
The Mirror Questionnaire(Green)

He’s very attached to cats

O'Reilly blasts 'craziness' over voter ID racism: 'This is a ruse'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘Grievance industry wants people to think the Republican Party is suppressing votes’

Fallon to O'Reilly: 'You're one of the best MORONS out there'

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

O’Reilly to Fallon: ‘You were a pansy altar boy’

Obama takes on Bill O'Reilly: Lincoln 'loved telling the occasional bawdy joke'

Politics | Caroline May
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks before signing a Presidential Memorandum at the White House in Washington
Last week O'Reilly took Obama to task in his Talking Points Memo for appearing on Funny or Die

O'Reilly tells Letterman what guest he most wanted to punch

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘He was on the satellite so it would have hurt my hand’

Jimmy Kimmel asks Bill O'Reilly: 'Would Jesus watch Fox News?'

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

The Fox News host takes on the Hollywood funny man

Former Obamacare supporter and healthcare CEO explains why he 'broke' from Obamacare

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘I’ve really just broken with this’

Nancy Pelosi ruthlessly mocked by Jesse Watters, fellow lawmakers for ducking O'Reilly interview

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

She’d have to watch the show to see what’s in it

COULTER: A bridge too far-fetched

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

‘Taking a page from John McCain, the main targets of Christie’s wrath are his fellow Republicans.’

O'Reilly GOES OFF on liberal critic: 'A weasel'

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘The fact that the Washington Post would employ a guy like that, I mean, it is really disturbing’

In part 2 of O'Reilly interview, Obama insists Fox is unfair

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

Compares his presidency to Richard Nixon’s

MSNBC panel didn't like O'Reilly's hard-hitting interview with Obama

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘The IRS, Benghazi, these have been thoroughly debunked’