Larry Klayman Just Can't Quit Obama, Files 'Deportation Petition'

Politics | Eric Owens

‘A birth certificate from the State of Hawaii which is clearly a forgery’

Ted Cruz to his Canadian citizenship: Take off, eh!

Politics | Eric Owens
Ted Cruz

What will birthers say if the junior senator from Texas runs for president?

Poll: 63 percent of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory - TheDC

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George W. Bush visiting the White House for the unveiling of his official White House portrait. Mandel Ngan/Getty Images.

Salon, ThinkProgress rushed to report false birther conclusion

Democrats tout Obama birth controversy to hit Romney - TheDC

Elections | Neil Munro
Where's the birth certificate?

Romney denounces ‘birtherism’ … again

'Birthers' target Obama's college records - TheDC

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Occidental College inundated with boatload of requests

Trump: Obama playing 'reverse psychology' with media on birtherism - TheDC

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Real estate mogul spars with CNN’s ‘The Situation Room’ host Wolf Blitzer of whether president’s U.S. citizenship is legitimate

Case closed on Obama citizenship debate in Ariz., maybe - TheDC

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Hawaii vouches for authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate

Arpaio applauds 'birther' congressmen, calls for legislative action - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Sheriff Arpaio calls for congressional hearing after two GOP congressmen have ‘the courage to speak out’

Lord Monckton: 'I'm no birther,' but Obama birth certificate 'plainly a forgery' - TheDC

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British lord best known for combatting global warming ‘alarmism’ shares jaw-dropping thoughts about Obama

Obama fan pleads guilty to threatening Sheriff Joe's life over 'birther' controversy - TheDC

US | David Martosko

‘He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this’

Former Ariz. GOP congressman: Sheriff Arpaio 'major embarrassment to our state' - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Eleven-term former congressman: Arpaio ‘needs to drop these crackpot ideas’

Arpaio alleges Obama birth certificate a forgery, says 'perpetrators' must be 'brought to justice' - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Maricopa Co. sheriff claims there is evidence that two felonies were committed

NH attorney general wants probe of legislators involved in 'birther' fracas - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

After members of state ballot commission ruled Obama could remain on ballot, commissioners had to flee and call police

'Birther' champion seeks GOP Senate nomination to challenge Feinstein - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

‘People are saying she’s invincible because she has so much money, but last time people thought that about Meg Whitman’

Sheriff Joe Arpaio appoints 'cold case posse' to probe Obama's birth certificate - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Forty volunteers to investigate claims in ‘birther’ book

Singer Pat Boone insists Obama born in Kenya - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

‘I was in Kenya a year and a half ago and everybody said, ‘You know, he was born here”

Trump still skeptical of Obama's birth certificate - TheDC

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Real estate mogul tells CNN’s Piers Morgan ‘to check out that document very carefully’

WorldNetDaily suing Esquire for $120 million - TheDC

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‘The book has not sold nearly as well as it would have’

President Obama's problems are mostly caused by the 'color of his skin,' says Clyburn - TheDC

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‘I don’t know why anybody didn’t ask for John McCain’s’ birth certificate, says third-ranking House Democrat

'Where's the Birth Certificate?' book sales still going strong - TheDC

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TheDC’s interview with author Jerome Corsi