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Bloomberg’s publicity hounds howl for attention following Ft. Hood crime


Before the wounds heal Bloomberg uses tragedy to curtail Second Amendment

More Fuzzy Math: Gun control supporters misrepresent gun owner trends

A customer looks over a Glock 29 10mm hand gun at the Guns-R-Us gun shop in Phoenix, Arizona

Unbelievable lies – gun owners in the US are declining per these gun grabbers

Bloomberg and CNN pretend Americans don’t want guns

Michael Bloomberg in October 2012.

Liberal media lies about gun ownership, again

Obama and Bloomberg use December 14 to promote gun control

Obama Gun Control.JPEG

Obama emails supporters urging them to “hold events advocating gun control”

Bloomberg sticks his nose into Virginia politics - NRA - ILA


Billionaire NYC Mayor with bodyguards decides your gun needs for you

Bloomberg’s magical misery tour - GUNS Magazine


“Drag the lame duck authoritarian control freak out of the driver’s seat and throw him under his own bus”

Nashua, N.H. Mayor Donnalee Lozeau quits “Mayors for gun control” - NRA - ILA

Bloomberg Gun Violence

“I don’t want to be part of something like that”

25 people shot in 48 hours in NYC this weekend

New York City Police

One weekend’s violence accounts for 5 percent of this year’s total shootings

In Bloomberg’s Fairy Tale Gun Free Communist World - Jan Morgan Media

Jan Morgan wAR

The mayor is also famous for food control.

Bloomberg News hid conflicting fiscal-cliff poll numbers, pushed results favorable to Obama

Obama Connecticut School Shooting.JPEG

Opinion survey showed public confused about whether wealthy should have higher tax rates or fewer deductions

Gun smuggling on Bloomberg’s watch – but he wasn’t watching - Buckeye Firearms Association


Bloomberg made firearms such a hot commodity in his bailiwick that even his own policemen were tempted by this new lucrative black market taboo.

Voters believe Bachmann would do most damage to economy as president - TheDC

Bachmann 2012

Romney, Cain would do the most to improve the economy, Washington Post/Bloomberg poll shows

Irene's wrath helps some retailers - Bloomberg

Department stores lose revenue as shoppers stay home but home improvement stores see bump from emergency supply sales

Stocks shake off losing streak - Bloomberg

Standard and Poor’s 500 Index breaks 4-week slide

NYSE considers shutdown as Irene targets New York - Bloomberg

Stock exchange Vice President Louis Pastina says NYSE will not open if ‘none of our customers can get to their desks’

Bloomberg to pay $990M for legal research company - AP

Bloomberg said it will acquire all outstanding shares of The Bureau of National Affairs Inc., which is owned by its current and former employees for $39.50 per share in cash

Gold falls as investors bet on market stability - Bloomberg

Gold falls $104 in New York trading; ‘bubble that is poised to burst’

Twenty-Four Seven - TheDC

Former secretary of state warns the White House is attempting to overcompensate for being caught off guard by the Egyptian uprising

TheDC Morning: Wall Streeters want what Fannie's having - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

TheDC Morning: Wal-Mart earns Michelle Obama's anti-fat blessing - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news