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Trump Deregulates Musk And Bezos' Companies So They Can Help Us Get To Mars

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'More flexibility to the industry'

Billionaires Choose To Go To The Moon, Not Because It'll Be Easy, But Because It'll Be Profitable

Energy | Andrew Follett
'A golden age of innovation in space'

Amazon Founder Sells $1 Billion In Stock To Finance Rocket Company

Energy | Andrew Follett
They'll carry tourists into space by 2018

Putin Wants A New Space Race Against US Companies

Energy | Andrew Follett
'We follow technological breakthroughs very carefully in the Kremlin'

Elon Musk Sends His First Reusable Rocket To Space

Energy | Andrew Follett
'My mind is blown'

Here's What The Inside Of Jeff Bezos's New Rocket Looks Like

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Every seat's a window seat'

SpaceX Builds Rocket Recovery Robot Named 'Optimus Prime'

Energy | Andrew Follett
It is stationed on a drone barge

First Canadian Spaceport Will Be Built By 2022, US Already Has 9

Energy | Andrew Follett
US is already operating nine at least partially-commercial spaceports

Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos Battle For Dominance In Space

Energy | Andrew Follett
Blue Origin had more consistent gains and fewer losses than SpaceX

Take A Look At The New Rocket From Jeff Bezos' Space Company

Energy | Andrew Follett
Blue Origin is already opening up 'early access'

SpaceX Flying Two Tourists Around The Moon Next Year

Energy | Andrew Follett
'They have already paid a significant deposit'

Two Private Companies Are Building Their Own Airlock On A Space Station

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Ultimately creating a new economy in low-Earth orbit'

Solar Plane Could Reach Edge Of Space For $10 Million A Flight

Energy | Andrew Follett
$10 million bucks a flight

NASA Pays $127 Million To Build Robotic Space Gas Station

Energy | Andrew Follett
Intended launch date is in 2020

Virgin Galactic Returning To Space 1st Time After Deadly Crash

Energy | Andrew Follett
Ticket price of only $250,000 dollars

Europe Changes Laws To Allow Mining Of Asteroids

Energy | Andrew Follett
The hub of the future space mining business

Trump Wants NASA To Send Astronauts To Mars And Robots To Jupiter

Politics | Andrew Follett
Paid for by eliminating bureaucratic waste and cutting back on environmental science

China Launches Its Largest Rocket Ever Into Space

Energy | Andrew Follett
Can carry 25 tons into low-Earth orbit

Here's Elon Musk's Plan To Send 1 Million To Mars In Next 40 Years

Energy | Andrew Follett
Musk plans to send the first missions to Mars in 2018 or 2020

Boeing Puts The Finishing Touches On Its New Starliner

Tech | Andrew Follett
It'll be carrying astronauts to the International Space Station by early 2018

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