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WaPo report confuses one prostitute with another in bid to debunk Menendez allegations

Bob Menendez

One prostitute claims she was ‘surreptitiously taped,’ even though she consented to being on video

Bob Menendez flack denies new call-girl charges, hangs up on The Daily Caller - TheDC

Bob Menendez

Terse answers from press secretary Tricia Enright

Bob Menendez plays race card, blames conservatives for scandals

Bob Menendez

At Black History Month church event, embattled Hispanic senator insists ‘I have felt the sting of discrimination’

Long-time escort confirms Sen. Bob Menendez paid her for sex


Menendez ‘sees a lot of girls and doesn’t seem to have the skills to have a relationship’

Quinnipiac poll: Menendez's trustworthiness takes big hit

Robert Menendez

44 percent of New Jerseyans say senator is dishonest, two-thirds say ethics scandals worth investigating

Report: Menendez donor could see 250,000-percent return on Dominican port security investment

Bob Menendez

Salomon Melgen paid $100k for stake worth up to $500 million — with Menendez’s help

Menendez poll numbers hold steady, despite allegations of sexual misconduct

Robert Menendez

Most respondents not bothered by ongoing scandals

Bob Menendez's domain names are not Bob Menendez's - TheDC

Clinton, Leading Democrats, Campaign With Bob Menendez

Anti-Menendez forces control senator’s name online

Former Obama spokesman: 'Move on' from Menendez scandal

Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi Discuss Judicial Nominees

‘There’s a point at which you’ve milked a story so much you look like withered boob’

Embattled Sen. Menendez still welcome at Obama White House

Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi Discuss Judicial Nominees

The White House remains publicly unconcerned about working closely with the powerful Democrat

Report: Menendez took unreported 2008 Dominican Republic trip on donor's jet

Robert Menendez

Source to Fox News: ‘He was on the doc’s jet in 2008 — that I guarantee’

Court documents: Menendez donor leased oceanfront condo for alleged prostitute - TheDC

Svitlana Buchyk -- Source: Flickr (lavhbaw)

Whistle-blower named Ukranian model in sex accusations against New Jersey senator

News reports: Bob Menendez visited donor's Dominican resort home in 2006

Bob Menendez

Embattled senator’s cozy relationship with Salomon Melgen may have begun earlier than previously thought

REPORT: Menendez cleared path for partner seeking Dominican deal

Bob Menendez

Emails reveal embattled senator’s hand in lucrative deal

NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL: Mr. Menendez's Ethics Problem - NYT

Clinton, Leading Democrats, Campaign With Bob Menendez

The New Jersey Democratic senator ‘needs to relinquish his leadership role, at least temporarily’

Twitter suspends, reinstates account critical of Sen. Bob Menendez


@MenendezMustGo lasted four days before social media company took it offline

Menendez donor leveraged 'Occupy' movement to take aim at Bank of America - TheDC

Occupy Homes.JPEG

Dr. Salomon Melgen launched anti-bank ‘Too Big To Care’ campaign in 2011

Eye surgeon linked with Sen. Bob Menendez frequently prescribed expensive drug, billed Medicare - The Miami Herald

FBI Raids West Palm Doctor's Office With Possible Corruption Ties To NJ Senator Bob Menendez

Menendez advocated on Dr. Salomon Melgen’s behalf with government agencies, directly benefiting Melgen

CREW quietly adds Sen. Bob Menendez to 'Under Investigation' report


Liberal advocacy group notes Senate Ethics committee probe, omits FBI investigation

As Bob Menendez inquiry broadens, jet-owning donor covers his tracks


Salomon Melgen has blocked public access to his private jet flight records