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Watchdogs: Sen. Bob Menendez's ties to one-time Miami aide and FBI-probed donor 'raises eyebrows'


Last year, as Melgen poured money into Menendez’s re-election efforts

Sen. Menendez intervened twice in Medicare audit of key donor

Bob Menendez

Salomon Melgen had been ordered to repay $8.9 million after auditors determined he had improperly billed procedures

Washington Post: Prostitutes occasionally work resort at center of Menendez sex scandal - TheDC

Prostitute black and white

Working girls ‘secreted into Casa de Campo in the back seats of chauffeur-driven SUVs’

FBI sources: Menendez investigation moved to Newark, NJ - TheDC

Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi Discuss Judicial Nominees

Agents face pressure as inquiry shifts focus from Florida doctor to NJ senator

Menendez-Univision links may have influenced positive media coverage - The Miami Herald

Menendez Univision

United States-Spain Council run by former Menendez aide

Anonymous prostitute's shocking handwritten account recalls sex with Menendez at 16

Robert Menendez

‘I had intimate relations with him on more than one occasion’

PHOTOS: Meet one of Bob Menendez's (alleged) call girls [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Svitlana Buchyk -- Source: Flickr (lavhbaw)

Sultry, sexy and high-society, Svitlana Buchyk brings new meaning to the phrase ‘foreign relations’

Univision tracks down supposed Menendez call girl -- but was she the right one? [VIDEO] - TheDC

Hispanic network gets denial from a Yaneisi Fernandez, who says she’s a virgin

Prostitute points to wealthy Dominican politician as sex-party participant

Castillo and Menendez

‘They threatened those girls and told them to not talk, and that they couldn’t leave’

Top 10: Best tweets about the exploding Bob Menendez prostitute scandal - TheDC

Menendez Secret Service

‘Menendez may now be the only Northeastern Dem Sen.who favors investing in offshore drilling’

In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex

Haiti Dominican Republic Slow Motion Flood.JPEG

‘Prostitution is everywhere here; on the beach, in the bars, in the clubs’

Editorial pages skewer Bob Menendez over prostitution scandal

Menendez Campaigns At Veterans Breakfast

Asbury Park Press: ‘It is becoming difficult to simply dismiss the whole thing … Menendez’s chairmanship should be put on hold’

Menendez advocated to clear path for donor's $500 million Dominican Republic contract

Bob Menendez

Donor flew Menendez privately; Senator did not disclose gifts

Bob Menendez ducks out of NJ Chamber of Commerce event, ditches reporters at elevator - TheDC

Bob Menendez

Politico reporter heard shouting, ‘Did you sleep with prostitutes, Senator?’

Menendez drained more than 1/3 of bank accounts in January to pay for past Dominican Republic travel

Menendez Secret Service

Senator wrote $58,500 check last May to jet-owning campaign donor

Menendez's alleged Dominican prostitution spree coincided with crusade against prostitution in Cuba

Daily Life In Havana, Cuba In December 1996

Blamed Cuba for ‘forc[ing] young girls and boys into becoming sex workers’

Hannity explains lack of Menendez coverage: 'He wasn't toe-tapping in a bathroom stall'


Hannity, Tantaros discuss media bias and why some outlets decry talk radio, FNC

New Jersey Democratic Sen. says 'it's too bad' if Menendez is guilty

Frank Lautenberg Bob Menendez

Lautenberg: ‘If there are infractions as they are reported, it’s too bad’

White House steps away from Menendez

Jay Carney

‘I’ve seen those reports. I don’t have anything for you on that’

Reid punts on Menendez question as more prostitution allegations surface

Harry Reid

‘Any questions in this regard, direct to him. I don’t know anything about it’