FBI sources: Menendez investigation moved to Newark, NJ - TheDC

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Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi Discuss Judicial Nominees

Agents face pressure as inquiry shifts focus from Florida doctor to NJ senator

Menendez-Univision links may have influenced positive media coverage - The Miami Herald

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Menendez Univision

United States-Spain Council run by former Menendez aide

Anonymous prostitute's shocking handwritten account recalls sex with Menendez at 16

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Robert Menendez

‘I had intimate relations with him on more than one occasion’

PHOTOS: Meet one of Bob Menendez's (alleged) call girls [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Svitlana Buchyk -- Source: Flickr (lavhbaw)

Sultry, sexy and high-society, Svitlana Buchyk brings new meaning to the phrase ‘foreign relations’

Univision tracks down supposed Menendez call girl -- but was she the right one? [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Hispanic network gets denial from a Yaneisi Fernandez, who says she’s a virgin

Prostitute points to wealthy Dominican politician as sex-party participant

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Castillo and Menendez

‘They threatened those girls and told them to not talk, and that they couldn’t leave’

Top 10: Best tweets about the exploding Bob Menendez prostitute scandal - TheDC

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Menendez Secret Service

‘Menendez may now be the only Northeastern Dem Sen.who favors investing in offshore drilling’

In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex

World | The Miami Herald
Haiti Dominican Republic Slow Motion Flood.JPEG

‘Prostitution is everywhere here; on the beach, in the bars, in the clubs’

Editorial pages skewer Bob Menendez over prostitution scandal

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Menendez Campaigns At Veterans Breakfast

Asbury Park Press: ‘It is becoming difficult to simply dismiss the whole thing … Menendez’s chairmanship should be put on hold’

Menendez advocated to clear path for donor's $500 million Dominican Republic contract

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Bob Menendez

Donor flew Menendez privately; Senator did not disclose gifts

Bob Menendez ducks out of NJ Chamber of Commerce event, ditches reporters at elevator - TheDC

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Bob Menendez

Politico reporter heard shouting, ‘Did you sleep with prostitutes, Senator?’

Menendez drained more than 1/3 of bank accounts in January to pay for past Dominican Republic travel

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Menendez Secret Service

Senator wrote $58,500 check last May to jet-owning campaign donor

Menendez's alleged Dominican prostitution spree coincided with crusade against prostitution in Cuba

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Daily Life In Havana, Cuba In December 1996

Blamed Cuba for ‘forc[ing] young girls and boys into becoming sex workers’

Hannity explains lack of Menendez coverage: 'He wasn't toe-tapping in a bathroom stall'

Politics | Jeff Poor

Hannity, Tantaros discuss media bias and why some outlets decry talk radio, FNC

New Jersey Democratic Sen. says 'it's too bad' if Menendez is guilty

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Frank Lautenberg Bob Menendez

Lautenberg: ‘If there are infractions as they are reported, it’s too bad’

White House steps away from Menendez

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Jay Carney

‘I’ve seen those reports. I don’t have anything for you on that’

Reid punts on Menendez question as more prostitution allegations surface

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Harry Reid

‘Any questions in this regard, direct to him. I don’t know anything about it’

In Congress, Menendez made impassioned plea to end sex trafficking [VIDEO]

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Menendez CSPAN

Senator now stands accused of sleeping with underaged prostitutes

Menendez admits frequent Dominican travel, reimburses donor for private jet flights

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‘This was sloppy,’ claims senator’s chief of staff

Bob Menendez’s hometown a major sex-trafficking destination

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Student Athletes Concussions.JPEG

Menendez is currently denying allegations that he solicited underage prostitutes