NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL: Mr. Menendez's Ethics Problem - NYT

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The New Jersey Democratic senator ‘needs to relinquish his leadership role, at least temporarily’

Twitter suspends, reinstates account critical of Sen. Bob Menendez

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@MenendezMustGo lasted four days before social media company took it offline

Menendez donor leveraged 'Occupy' movement to take aim at Bank of America - TheDC

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Dr. Salomon Melgen launched anti-bank ‘Too Big To Care’ campaign in 2011

Eye surgeon linked with Sen. Bob Menendez frequently prescribed expensive drug, billed Medicare - The Miami Herald

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Menendez advocated on Dr. Salomon Melgen’s behalf with government agencies, directly benefiting Melgen

CREW quietly adds Sen. Bob Menendez to 'Under Investigation' report

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Liberal advocacy group notes Senate Ethics committee probe, omits FBI investigation

As Bob Menendez inquiry broadens, jet-owning donor covers his tracks

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Salomon Melgen has blocked public access to his private jet flight records

Watchdogs: Sen. Bob Menendez's ties to one-time Miami aide and FBI-probed donor 'raises eyebrows'

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Last year, as Melgen poured money into Menendez’s re-election efforts

Sen. Menendez intervened twice in Medicare audit of key donor

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Bob Menendez

Salomon Melgen had been ordered to repay $8.9 million after auditors determined he had improperly billed procedures

Washington Post: Prostitutes occasionally work resort at center of Menendez sex scandal - TheDC

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Working girls ‘secreted into Casa de Campo in the back seats of chauffeur-driven SUVs’

FBI sources: Menendez investigation moved to Newark, NJ - TheDC

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Agents face pressure as inquiry shifts focus from Florida doctor to NJ senator

Menendez-Univision links may have influenced positive media coverage - The Miami Herald

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United States-Spain Council run by former Menendez aide

Anonymous prostitute's shocking handwritten account recalls sex with Menendez at 16

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Robert Menendez

‘I had intimate relations with him on more than one occasion’

PHOTOS: Meet one of Bob Menendez's (alleged) call girls [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Svitlana Buchyk -- Source: Flickr (lavhbaw)

Sultry, sexy and high-society, Svitlana Buchyk brings new meaning to the phrase ‘foreign relations’

Univision tracks down supposed Menendez call girl -- but was she the right one? [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Hispanic network gets denial from a Yaneisi Fernandez, who says she’s a virgin

Prostitute points to wealthy Dominican politician as sex-party participant

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‘They threatened those girls and told them to not talk, and that they couldn’t leave’

Top 10: Best tweets about the exploding Bob Menendez prostitute scandal - TheDC

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Menendez Secret Service

‘Menendez may now be the only Northeastern Dem Sen.who favors investing in offshore drilling’

In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex

World | The Miami Herald

‘Prostitution is everywhere here; on the beach, in the bars, in the clubs’

Editorial pages skewer Bob Menendez over prostitution scandal

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Asbury Park Press: ‘It is becoming difficult to simply dismiss the whole thing … Menendez’s chairmanship should be put on hold’

Menendez advocated to clear path for donor's $500 million Dominican Republic contract

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Bob Menendez

Donor flew Menendez privately; Senator did not disclose gifts

Bob Menendez ducks out of NJ Chamber of Commerce event, ditches reporters at elevator - TheDC

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Bob Menendez

Politico reporter heard shouting, ‘Did you sleep with prostitutes, Senator?’